What to Do If You Are Losing Interest in Your Startup

What to Do If You Are Losing Interest in Your Startup

As an entrepreneur you’re startup is fueled by your desire and conviction. If you start losing interest in your startup it could become the main reason for its decline. Is it natural for you to lose interest in your startup? What can you do to retain interest in it?

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Be Gentle With Yourself

That’s the first thing I’m saying. Remember that you are human and it is likely that you at some point might lose interest in something that you started with passion. It’s like starting a painting and then when you reach out to fill it up with color you suddenly feel it’s not worth the effort.

The thing to do then is to start thinking like a painter, take a break and come back with a fresh perspective. Who knows in the interim period you might think about how beautiful your painting will become if you add color to it.

Similarly if you are losing interest in your start up, don’t admonish yourself. Take a break and come back recharged.


Talk to someone you can rely on for advice. Talking to other people who have been there, done that helps. So if you know anyone whose launched a small business talk to them and you’ll probably learn about how they dealt with burn out or loss of passion.

Stifling dissatisfaction makes it worse. So go on talk to friends, family or anyone you think can help.

Step Back

Sometimes you lose interest because something is not working as it should. The “should” here is the key. “Should” is actually a dangerous word. People succeed at things they really want to do. When you feel it “should” be this or that then it fizzles out.

When you experience burn out, step back and take a look at what is not working. You will find a pattern or weak link and you can take it from there.

Think Out of the Box

Once you’ve spotted your problem, think out of the box. Don’t take the most predictable route. That’s for people who are part of the herd, you want to lead the pack right?

So if you need help with a design and a graphic designer costs a bomb, don’t give up. Look for fresher’s who will take up a gig to earn a quick buck and learn on the job. You can even try looking up websites like Fiverr where for just five dollars people take up anything…voice over’s, design, content development, the list is endless.

Read a Good Book

Books provide you with a whole new perspective and I highly recommend reading a self help book or a biography when you are having trouble.

Not the reading type? then log on to YouTube to catch videos by speakers like Wayne Dwyer and Louise Hay and you will feel a sense of calm descend over you. Who knows you might also get that little clue which will help you find your way and return energized?

Use your travel time to listen to talks or books on your I-pod.

Just do whatever it takes to get a fresh perspective on the trouble you are having.

Lastly, remember; give it your best shot before you decide to give up. When you indulge in self doubt it’s the most self damaging thing you can do. So as a founder losing interest in his/her startup is not a crime, it’s not abnormal but you might just want to take a short break before you give up on it.

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