What to Study in Order to Become Rich?

A survey of Georgetown University, a prestigious American university on the Atlantic coast, has produced a list of what are the studies and addresses that the university “advised” to make money and become rich.

Which are the faculties that do find work more easily and that provide higher wages, such as those that ensure a reliable job and a salary acceptable to the graduates?

college graduate salaries
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Researchers at Georgetown University have studied and compared the data on employment on the last two years by producing some interesting results.

The engineering (as was imaginable) may be able to ensure a well-paid job shortly after graduation.

But the university system made ​​by scientists at Georgetown is not limited to the more “indubitable”, taking into account also the mathematics and psychology, an economic degree and medicine by presenting, for each one of them, the typical gross salary available for a graduate (expressed in dollars).

Among the results converted into pounds stands out, as mentioned, engineering, with an average salary of 35 thousand pounds. Followed by mathematics and computer science with 29 thousand pounds, then comes the medicine wheel and the main health professions, with 27 thousand euro.

Additionally, there is a tie between design and industrial arts plus economics and trade, which positions the bar to 25 thousand pounds.Then, surprisingly, sociology and natural sciences with 22,000 pounds per year. Another tie, this time complied by three, between teaching and education, agriculture and law, with an annual salary of 20 thousand pounds.

Psychology and the humanities provide around 19 thousand pounds per year, while close is the arts and musical entertainment list, with 18 thousand euro.

This infographic also showing you similar trends:

salary infographic
Created by Open Colleges

According to the current economic situation, these figures do not seem bad at all.

Becoming rich: The answer for the big question

The best way for you to be rich is by equipping yourself with outstanding financial education while being location independent.

Becoming an entrepreneur can help, but being a successful entrepreneur alone is not enough in helping you reach the coveted title of “rich.”

And heed this: Being rich is often not about how much you make, but rather how smart you spend what you make.

Depending on your definition or rich, my definition has always been the following:

Rich = freedom

Rich equals the ability for you to live from your business and/or investment income AND pursue your dream and passion which often don’t involve money in the equation.

How about getting your business and investment to support you while you are volunteering in third-world countries? How about remote working for a top tech company while skiing in the Alps or sunbathing in Bali?

Again, rich for me is all about freedom.

So, to conclude this article: What to study if you want to be rich? My answer would always be: Financial education and the creative skills to turn your business and/or job into a location independent project.

Financial education lets you turn your hard earned cash into assets which put more money into your pocket. Financial education enables you to turn 1 pound into 100 pound legally; financial education empowers your money to work for you – not the other way around. What to study? Financial management, financial planning, stock investing, and real estate investing to name a few.

Being location independent might not be a big issue for an entrepreneur, but it’s a major issue for an employee. However, you can actually turn your full-time job into a location independent job – if you know how and have the creativity to pursue it. What to study? I recommend you to read Tim Ferriss’ 4-hour Workweek to learn how.

Whatever subjects you are going to learn about, be sure that you understand this: Learning should be your lifetime passion, as it enables you to go beyond your mean. What is rich? Rich is the ability for you to go beyond your mean.

So, what are you going to study today?