8 Quick Ways to Keep Your Business Secure

Keeping your business secure requires a holistic approach incorporating several key elements – and considering the methods used by crafty contemporary criminals, it’s little wonder.

Quite simply, the potential security threats to your firm come in all shapes and sizes, which means you should be switched on to avoid becoming yet another statistic.

secure smartphone
Unsecured smartphones are threats to your overall business security – secure them well

Whether it’s a burglar hell bent on scaling the walls of your premises to plunder the precious cargo inside, or cyber-criminals determined to hack into your company’s valuable data, it’s crucial your business is secure from the inside out.

To ensure your company is protected, then, check out our 8 speedy ways to protect your business and keep thieves where they belong…

Keep your smartphone secure

Most of us keep half of our lives on our smartphones, which means the information it contains can be extremely valuable if it falls into the wrong hands. Consequently, ensure you have password protection as an initial deterrent, and only keep the bare essentials on your phone in case it’s lost.

Install security fencing

Like a password, security fencing is the first barrier in preventing undesirables gaining access to your belongings. Whether it’s electric fencing to deliver a short and sharp shock or barbed wire to send a clear, visual message, this most basic of measures is a surefire way to reduce your risk of theft.

Beef up your passwords

Implementing a strong password policy in the workplace is crucial if your firm wants to avoid a data breach. Ask your employees to come up with a password that is eight-10 characters long, including letters, numbers and symbols – and make sure they don’t share it with ANYONE.

Keep your keys under control

Keys are probably the least high-tech of security measures, but they are also one of the most important. Compile a list of areas that hold valuable stock and require a key to be used to gain entry. Ensure access is only given to a trusted number of folk.

Padlocks (and keys) are not high-tech security measures, but they are still important

Purchase a safe for your valuables

It sounds obvious, but an old fashioned safe is vital to keep your firm’s valuables safe from prying eyes and wandering hands. However, it’s important to select the correct type of safe as the levels of protection vary and need to meet the specifications of your insurance company.

Expunge your old hard drive

It’s often an afterthought, but when you decide to replace an old PC, it’s important to erase its hard drive as the information it contains can be like Christmas come early for identity thieves. In a nutshell, your office computer is likely to hold tons of valuable data that you DO NOT want falling into the wrong hands.

Connect an alarm system

An alarm system should be a priority to alert security and the police of intruders attempting to enter your premises. Typically, trip lines, motion detectors and other sensors are used to detect anyone prowling the room, which will set off the alarm and make the authorities aware of the breach.

Install security cameras

By installing security cameras on your premises, it will not only help dissuade the unscrupulous from attempting to rob you, but, if they do ignore the cameras, it will capture their ugly mug on film, which can then be handed over to the authorities to deal with the culprits.

About the Author: This article is written by Nick Brahhanin