Office Workers Reveal Business-speak to be a Pet Hate at Work

“I want to touch base about…” “We need to move the needle with our investments…”

I regularly read and heard the above phrase and to be honest with you, I need to Google for them to understand the true meaning behind the words. What a hassle. And quite pointless. I wonder – is it necessary to talk using such phrases?

A business woman rolls her eyes
photo credit: striatic

Well, did you know that 79 percent of people are not happy to work with those who use business jargon in business conversation – and I agree with them. It’s annoying and irritating at best.

The workplace can often be a maze of complicated processes, endless stats and fruitless meetings. All of that is enough to make many an office worker weary, but it seems that there’s one thing that really gets on people’s nerves at work: Meaningless business jargon!

Business jargon usually encompasses a plethora of buzzwords and pointless phrases such as ‘blue sky thinking’ and ‘think outside the box’. As revealed in this useful infographic published by Powwownow, a survey of office workers nationwide revealed that an overwhelming majority of workers can’t bear working while it’s being used, or working alongside those who insist on using it in the first place.

Did you know the most irritating phrase of all? According to the survey, “blue sky thinking” wins. Go figure.

Some might choose to talk this way to sound clever and important or simply to impress their bosses, but in reality, they don’t impress anyone whatsoever! What’s more, do you think you are cool when you use business jargon? Think again. Most people in the survey think that even you don’t understand the meaning of the words coming out of your mouth. Ouch.

It seems that to get ahead in business, it’s best to stick to plain speaking.

Here’s the infographic – view it and get enlightened:

Infographic source


I don’t know why many people have decided that using business jargon will win them more business, but things are getting a bit out of hand – and people are too irritated to let it slide. If you are one of those who love using jargons, now you know that it’s no longer a competitive advantage.

On a side note, the above infographic serves as a good guide on how to converse with someone who loves using business jargon. You will meet them somehow and when you do, now you know how to talk their language!

So, how about you? Are you using business jargon a bit too often? I know I do – sometimes. What’s the most ridiculous business jargon you have used in having a conversation with your colleague?