Establishing a Young Brand Online with Video and Social Media

The internet is an unrivalled platform for young and small businesses. Providing businesses owners with the chance to reach out to vast numbers of people for a relatively low cost, the web has become a marketing dream for budding entrepreneurs.

While the potential for successful digital marketing campaigns is huge, it is heavily reliant upon knowledge of the industry. Here, we look at a few simple steps which can help you to establish your brand online – using Itineris’ fantastic infographic on the subject for inspiration.

Branding infographic from Itineris

Use video

The use of video content has been proven to achieve fantastic results when helping people establish their brand. If you’re just starting out then these facts from Itineris’ infographic are sure to show just why video is king at present.

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine being used
  • Video adverts which are enjoyed by customers increase brand association by 139%
  • The same act also increase the intent to purchase from you by 97%
  • In 2012, users spent over 600 minutes a month watching videos on mobile devices
  • Western Europe saw its mobile video audience more than double in 2012 with an increase of 162%

Of course, simply using video isn’t enough and you need to make sure you use this form of content correctly. Itineris recommend getting started by uploading brand videos to YouTube, keeping your videos short and using real people for that personal choice, and browsing through video channels related to your own firm to like and follow their videos and feeds.

Video recording for social media events
photo credit: Phil Campbell

Employ social media

Social media is one of the most important aspects of marketing for smaller businesses operating on a limited budget. Regardless of what success you achieve with your use of videos, sharing links and posts relating to them on your social media platforms will help drive more traffic and attract more interest.


There are a whole host of things you can do to optimise your web presence for a great ranking in search engines and videos can actually help link building when it comes to SEO. SEO is all about making sure your firm lists well for key search terms and this means showing that you’re an expert in that field. Publishing and sharing varied content, including video, is a great way to prove this.


One thing to remember when embarking on a branding campaign is the fact that you need to understand your audience. Not only identifying who your target market is, you also need to understanding what they need and want.

No matter how well you do your video, social media and SEO, when you fail to cater your audience’s need and want, your effort will be fruitless.

Always focus on wooing your target market by finding the right balance of creative content production and giving answers to your online prospects.