Top Four Inspirational Offices

It can be difficult to stay creative and fresh throughout the 9-5 working week. While early starts, commutes and boring lunches don’t do much to keep you on top of your inspirational goal, a dreary office or closed booth probably doesn’t help either.

So what do people look for when transforming a dreary office into a creative and inspirational workspace? In a recent survey by Podspace, 38% said that a sea view would be the most inspirational view from their office window. As for what modern convenience would help to fuel creativity, 40% said a coffee machine and 28% said a shared music system.

There are many ways to transform and office into a creative space. Here we take a look at four businesses who really are thinking outside of the conventional box and creating innovative office designs that go some way to keep their employees stay inspirationally fresh.

Astarta, Moscow

Astarta office Moscow

Eco-based Astarta manufacture functional and aesthetic solutions for spaces. Having set up their office in Moscow last year, they used the space as a blank canvas, designing a truly stunning and creative space in which to work.

Each part of the office has its own unique style whilst also incorporating the ‘wave’ theme, which is evident throughout the building. Every part of this design was carefully considered, from the eco-friendly materials used, to the colour (neutral yellow, which is soft on the eyes) as well as the incredible lighting scheme used in each different space.

AVON, New York

Avon office New York

AVON’s executive suite in New York boasts a clean, bold space for its employees to work in. This modern space was designed by Spacesmith, who also created the Product Shop and Image Room which are all based in the same building.

Blending the tradition of the company with more contemporary ideas, Spacesmith have created a functional yet welcoming environment with dark wooden floors and clean white walls and ceilings.

Stripe, San Francisco

Moving to a new office based in San Francisco, growing online payment company Stripe has one design objective in mind when it came to creating their new office space, which was to keep a cohesive feeling between the staff as the company gets bigger.

Stripe office San Francisco

The office was designed by Boor Bridges Architecture, who created an informal workspace that also illustrated the company’s connection to San Francisco. The large office space enabled the design team to create numerous spaces where the staff could work communally on projects, designed with a creative twist. Even the break room and lunchroom has been carefully designed as a rustic, café-style space for staff to relax in.

Treasury Wine Estates, Melbourne

As one of the largest wine companies in the world, Treasury Wine Estates enlisted V Arc Architecture to design them a brand new space that would incorporate both contemporary corporate office styles with more rustic features.

Treasury Wine Estates office Melbourne Australia

This huge space really works to bring the outdoors inside, by bringing lush green foliage. In addition, elements of the company are interspersed throughout the office – large wine vats stand between desks and pillars, whilst stools designed to look like shipping boxes sit beneath large, bespoke wooden tables.