Elegant Storage: How to Declutter and Add More Class to Your Office

Elegant Storage: How to Declutter and Add More Class to Your Office

You’re finding it hard to get any work done in your office. Papers are everywhere. You don’t have a good bookshelf, and your clunky filing cabinet looks a little dated. Maybe it’s time you threw everything out and started over. It might be a little overwhelming to think about designing an entire office, but you don’t have to make this a complicated process.

Use an L-Shaped Desk

L-shaped desk
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Sites like iFurn.com sell L-shaped desks that are both beautiful and uncomplicated. Why use an L-shaped desk? Because it can break up a room, or unify it. It’s inexpensive compared to some of the more modern designs, especially when you consider the price you pay for the space you get.

If there are a lot of people that work in the office, or you have a rather large office space with multiple rooms, L-shaped desks can usually seat two people, doubling the workspace of a room. That means you need half as much space for your employees.

If your office is light-colored, consider going with a dark-colored wood. This will provide a contrast to the color of the room and make the desk stand out. Opt for real wood, if you can afford it. Press board with veneer tends not to last quite as long. Plus, the real wood will be heavier and sturdier, meaning you can really load it up with a full-sized computer system and lots of other heavy stuff. They also won’t bow when you put your feet up on them for an afternoon nap.

Use a Large BookShelf

Large bookshelf
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Most offices have bookshelves, but they’re pretty lame. Consider ditching your old unit and installing a wall-to-wall one that integrates right into the wall. These units can get a little pricey but, if you have a lot of manuals or books, they can also save you a lot in off-site storage fees. They can also be fitted with a track ladder, which is pretty cool.

Even if you don’t have a lot of books, you can use the bookshelf for storage of other things. Decorate the shelves with colorful storage bins (i.e. the kind you find at Target) and suddenly you have a room that can be used to store supplies like paper, folders, and even printer toner.

If you’re using the bookshelf for this purpose, make sure you plan out and match the color of the storage bins to the color of the bookshelf. Sometimes, wood doesn’t go so well with modern storage bins.

Use a Bench

The Weigel Bench - bench storage
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Instead of using a filing cabinet, consider installing a storage bench. Storage benches have the benefit of being duel purpose. Not only can you sit on them, you can use them to file away important papers. If you need to secure the files that you store, get a bench with a lock installed on it, or install a lock yourself. It’s a stylish addition to any office, and no one but your office staff will know what you’re keeping in there. It’s also not nearly as clunky as a metal filing cabinet.

About the Author: Janice Rutherford is a veteran designer. She enjoys combining beauty with function and practicality.

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