Solopreneurs’ Critical Success Factor: Business Process Automation

Solopreneurs’ Critical Success Factor: Business Process Automation

Running a business as a sole proprietor is challenging. To succeed, you need to focus on automation. Learn why business process automation is your critical success factor, and how Comindware Tracker can help you manage and automate your business process.

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As a solopreneur, I wear many hats in running my business. But that doesn’t mean I work entirely on my own. I have a team which members are geographically dispersed and unlike traditional on-premise business team, my team is comprised of freelancers and agencies. As you might have guessed, all are contract-based.

Indeed, there are pros and cons employing team members from a different physical locations on contract based.

The pros: You don’t have to take care of their taxes and benefits; another one is being able to hire top talents regardless of their physical locations. About the cons, one of them is troublesome time zone difference. Another one is challenging communication on projects planning and execution.

In order to solve the problems that come with the perks of solopreneurship, I definitely need a tool, for one obvious reasons: While in a larger company you can assign responsibilities to your staffs’ leaders, in a one-man showmanship every decision lies in your hand.

You have limited time and resource to attend every decision, and more often than not, you will miss some decision making needs – even some opportunities. For this purpose, tools that can manage and automate your business processes are life-savers.

One of my top tools that I would like to recommend you is Comindware Tracker.

What is Comindware Tracker?

Comindware Tracker is a visual business process automation system that allows you to create, execute, manage and automate your business process via visual interface.

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By “visual interface,” I mean the ability for you to create and manage your process via click-and-drag. Just drag the right team member to the right process or drag a process to another location; everything else “under the hood” – resource allocation, activities rescheduling, etc. – are managed automatically by the system.

Why business process automation?

Automation is essentially the key in a solopreneur’s venture as you can’t afford to have too much overhead (read: Wasted time and money.) And yes, employing freelancers and agencies mean you need to spend more time to manage their work. Business process automation via workflow automation can solve this problem for you (here are some implementation examples to explain how.)

Visual Query Builder

You can’t afford to think “What I am going to do after this?” – every work sequence must be as streamlined as possible, in such a way that you can be less-involved in the entire process and focus on more important aspects of running your business, such as strategizing for the future.

To recap, business process automation lets you minimize overheads and maximize productivity – without the need for you to spend 18 hours a day managing product procurement, invoices, order fulfillment, and other business processes.


I would say that Investing in a business process management tool is mandatory. As a solopreneur, you can’t afford to miss important deadlines and lose opportunities – and believe me, I miss too many deadlines because of I miscalculate the projects’ resource requirements.

To say the least, my efficiency is greatly improved by using the right tools – mostly online tools – and I would personally recommend you Comindware Tracker to manage your business process.

Ivan Widjaya

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