Why Small Business Owners Should Focus More on Landing Pages?

Are you a small business owner thinking of how to generate more online traffic for your website? Or have you just thought of tweaking your home page? Well, here is a smart tip that can help you obtain more than just traffics.

Landing page layout design

Convert Traffics To Leads With Landing Page Optimization

Optimizing your land page is what you need to do the trick. Besides, did you know landing pages are not just great for lead conversions but also good SEO and PPC technique to score more in the SERP? A good SEO or a PPC campaign could also lead to better ROI.

The 6 Factors That Make Landing Page A Good Choice For Business

Landing page factors

Optimizing a landing page could give you a great deal of other options to make avail of,for a better internet marketing. Before I head on to elaborate these six factors, you must understand the general first…

Why A Home Page Won’t Simply Work To Grab Leads

Your website is visited by different people. Some come to have a look into your service, some to search for new career opening, some might come in search of a particular topic from your blog section, some may have come across your site while reading your blog post.

Now, if all of them land up in your home page, they would have to spend some minutes wondering where to click first. Recent observations show that most viewers do not spend more than 8 seconds if they do not find what they are searching for instantly. If they don’t get what they are looking for instantly,then chances are they will click out of your website. Now, you would not want to face a bounce rate do you ? That would be bad under the search engine’s radar eye. Hence, land pages are there to provide your customers a direct answer to their search query.

Now, let’s land directly to the six factors that you get with creating a landing page:

#1 – Generate More Leads

Landing page is used to get a customer directly by showing them what they are searching for. For example, you are an interior decorator that owns an inbound marketing site for specialized services on setting up a kid’s room. You are also offering some free e books on room decoration for your target audience. There are parents who would want to set up their kid’s room and would like to learn how to do that. They type down something like “DIY: Tips To Set Up A Kid’s Room” and come across your blog post on the search engine. When they enter the page , they arrive on your landing page where you have provided a part of your blog and want the reader to download your e-book for free. Those who are interested, decide to enter their email id and name, before clicking on the CTA button to download.

Once they click on the Call-To-Action button, you receive a lead with the client name and the id. The client might also be interested to hire you for decorating their kid’s room. In this way, you get hold of a visitor and turn him into a customer with your landing page

#2 – Score For Better Quality

You can earn a better quality score using your landing page. Microsoft ad Center and Google Adwords are known for assigning BQS for PPC campaigns, keywords and accounts.

Earning a Better Quality Score could improve your ad position,while at the same time reduce your cost for every number of click. To earn a BQS, you need to make sure your landing page contains good quality content along with relevant keywords and number of CTRs. A landing page, made of poor quality content and graphic image could lead to negative impact on the QS, which would ultimately affect your ROI.

# 3 – Obtain A Good ROI

A good landing page is directly proportional to better rate of investment. Why? When your targeted customer clicks on your PPC landing page, you have to pay for it. Now, if the potential customer does not go for any further action after clicking, it means you lose a potential lead. In a way, it means you have to pay for an action which did not yield you any income.

A poorly optimized land page would inevitably lead to fewer conversion, which ultimately would affect your ROI. Make sure your landing page has a good headline, a good copy, a good picture of the service you are selling and a good call-to-action. The price should also be clearly visible. Always end with a ‘Thank You!’.

#4 – Get A Good Search Engine Optimization

Having a well optimized landing page enables you to score a good position in the SERP. This could also lead you to receive a QS (Quality Score) in PPC. It could be a reverse case too. A landing page that earns a good quality score in PPC could get a chance to score well organically in the search page, where you can get many free clicks if you are ranking high.

#5- Test For Potential Marketing Results

You can use a landing page to collect quick marketing data. Use a PPC landing page to check which keywords or ad copy reaches your target audience fast. This way you could check which keywords people use to search for a product you are selling. Check which of your products are more popular among customers. Study the behavior of your leads. Integrate metric system to see how many bounce rates you are generating and which element communicates better with your client. According to a report, 64% of the marketers prefer to use split test with landing pages,as it saves time.

#6- Potential Learning Opportunities

Ashleigh Bunn, trainer cum academic curator of Cardinal Path Training Academy says, “… time and time again in testing, the ‘obvious’ winner between two ads or two landing pages end up failing me for an alternative that may be ‘outside the box’. PPC has humbled my marketing prowess. For the better.”

Its all about how relevant your landing page is. If your ad copy , your headline, your graphic and your Call-To-Action is not perfect, you would not generate any traffic. You can use multiple landing pages and see which e-commerce product is more likely to generate more number of leads. Based on these analytic data, you could work on the rest.

Besides, the landing page is also preferred by most when it comes to using long tail keywords. Inserting such lengthy keywords in your blog post is often a difficulty as you would find it difficult to make look like a genuine word. These long tail keywords could be used in the landing page instead.

So now that you can see how you can spend your money to get this six-in-one package, I think it is worth a step for anyone (especially the SMBs), looking for ways to get the maximum ROI with their little investment budget. Building a good business strategy does not always mean spending more money on every tools and strategies.

Look What Others Say About Landing Pages

Moz generated $1 Million revenue using their landing page.

Hubspot reports companies having more than 30 landing pages, were able to generate 7 times more leads compared to those having 10 or less.

How Can You Use A Landing Page?

You can use landing page to generate traffic using an email campaign, a PPC ad, e-book download page and blog post.

How To Effectively Optimize A Landing Page

Your landing page is a very important marketing tool and hence needs to be optimized properly.

Don’t Worry About The Page Length

There are some marketers, who feel that a landing page could bore a potential lead and hence, its best to frame the entire landing page into a single frame with no ‘scroll down’ option. However, let me tell you –

Its not about page length. Rather its about engaging a reader’s attention

Leading sites like Amazon, have lengthy product pages. The suggestion should be the other way round – have a lengthy but engaging landing page.

Focus Should Be Your Key Tool

One clever tool that most business firms are adopting is – removing navigation keys from their landing page. This keeps the viewer engaged and prevents any scope for diversion, at least not before converting into lead.

I found Base Camp’s landing to be quite interesting.

BaseCamp screenshot

Note: There are no navigation keys. The copy begins with an interesting story to tell, which will be my next point to talk about.

Move Away From The Traditional ‘Buy ME’ Headline

Look at the Base Camp landing page headline. It has a story to tell. Interesting right? Out of the traditional ‘Buy Me’ type. It instills a sense of trust among the readers. Anyone would know there are other companies who are engaged with your service (and its not just one or two). Now look at this screen shot –

B3Net screenshot

Their headline has something to say. They are #1 when it comes to web development. In addition, look at the logos below the headline. This is an even better landing page example. The photographic display of logos (just below the headline) tell you that these are the clients (more trustworthy than just numbers), working with them.

Wait! There is more – just below the Contact No., they had placed a series of logos which show the platforms where they are expert in. In this way, a client knows he/she could avail services based on displayed platforms.

Bring A Social Proof

Human psychology shows, people look for a social proof before putting their trust on a thing. If they see there are others who are happy using your service, then they would also decide to go for the same. A section for showing your clients’ testimonial or a specific mention of the number of clients you have (see BaseCamp screen shot) is what is required here.

BaseCamp social proof

And also

B3Net social proof

Give An Overview Price Estimate Chart

While some marketers prefer telling this to their customer after the successful capture of a lead, if you have various packages to offer, show it. This would help customers decide which package they can afford and proceed. After all, its all about grabbing your client’s focus. Engage them more with your price deals.

Engage With A Good Image

We all know images can make a content more lively and engaging. If you have a product to sell, then having a product image is mandatory (hiding your products just won’t do here. You need to give a photographic demonstration here. That is why you created a landing page in the first place).

Product images are basically used to show customers what they are buying from you. When people visit the market to buy fruits and vegetables, the first thing you would notice them doing is touching and squeezing them. They touch and feel how much the fruit or the vegetable, which they are buying is ripe and fresh. Same is the case here. While on-line purchase does not allow people the lavish of touch and feel, a picture acts as a psychological substitute.

One of the best ways of demonstrating your product, is showing pictures of people using them. This gives a better demonstration. This allows people to envision how they would be using/ handling the product after purchase. Since the main mantra of a landing page is the word ‘focus’, you can use a picture to focus more on a CTA button. See the screenshot below

Fluid Survey CTA

Or Upload A Video

There are some who enjoy reading, while some get bored with text. While you need to focus on making your content crisp and short, adding a video gives your viewer an interactive session or product demonstration. Moz utilized this technique and achieved successful conversion of leads by 52%.

Make Your Page Digestive And Enticing

This is my last landing page tip. For that I bring the Cheezburger page.

Cheezburger screenshot

This is to demonstrate how you can break down a landing page into different sections. A large content can be broken down to make it more easy for readers to digest. You can utilize a long landing page with repeating your Call-To-Action. This is a smart technique since this keeps the CTA button within the reader’s eyes.

Having told you what are the best ways to improve your landing page optimization, I conclude my topic by saying this would take some time as setting up the landing page and generating leads also come with testing. Your first trial would show you some basic flaws which you would correct and put up again (A/B split test process, remember?). Nevertheless, small medium business enterprises (SMBs) could enlighten up now and utilize their landing page, which they once thought needed less focus than their home page.