Increased Efficiency could Equal Increased Profit: Top 3 Types of Efficiency Tracking Software

Running a business can be a daunting and complicated enterprise, even for the most experienced among us. There are employees to manage, tasks to be completed, projects to begin, equipment to monitor, invoices to issues and deadlines to be met. And the longer it takes you to get on top of these things, the more it costs your business in time, efficiency and profit.

There are a multitude of efficiency tracking and risk management software on the market, with many industries embracing new and modern technology to improve their operations. Mining and construction are just two areas where tracking software is becoming a normal item on a project equipment list. Have a look at this website to see where one technology tracking company, iVolve, is heading in this regard.

Business efficiency tracking tools

If you are looking to enhance your business productivity and streamline your business operational, here are just a few types of the efficiency tracking software that could increase profits in your business.

Employee time trackers

This keeps you stay up to speed with every aspect of your employee’s time. A good database will show you how many billable hours each employee is spending each day on individual projects, how long tasks are taking to complete and even what expenses are being spent by employees on each job. Most have automatic employee tracking systems in place, with options to input data manually when necessary.

Examples of employee time tracking app includes ClickTime, TrackSmart and

Project trackers

These are similar to employee trackers but instead deliver their reporting features from a project perspective, rather than the people undertaking them. They will allow managers to add notes to projects, manipulate due dates to take unexpected delays into account, assign work assignments to individual workers or work teams, keep client information, preferences and contact information up-to-date, and create and deliver invoices. The best aspect of this software is it allows business owners to keep track of individual projects while at the same time communicating with staff and clients.

Examples of project tracking app includes Comindware Tracker, Wrike and Jira.

Equipment tracking

Many large work sites, like those found in the mining and construction industries, need to keep track of equipment on the ground as well as their employees. This software uses GPS technology to allow owners and managers to know where particular equipment is at any time, if it is being used and when it was last used. Coupled with employee and project tracking technology, this provides an overall view of what is happening on a work site whenever you need to know.

Example of equipment tracking app includes: ToolWatch, MapYourTag, and GeoForce.


No one expects running a business to be a walk in the park, and it is fairly well accepted that the larger your business operation and the more staff you have, the more complicated it is going to be. So when some very clever people have spent many hard work hours wracking their brains to come up with software specifically designed to make your life easier, why not use it?

With so many simple options to track work, report on progress, assign tasks, create new projects, communicate with clients and issue invoices, it has never easier to run your business and increase profits at the same time.