Moving Offices? How to Choose the Perfect Location for Your New Workplace

Relocating to a new office is not an easy process, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. If your business is expanding and you need somewhere bigger, your current location is closing its doors, or it’s simply time for pastures new, there is little you can do but look for somewhere else.

If you’re the person who’s been tasked with choosing a new location, the road in front of you probably seems rather daunting; there are so many different things to consider, after all, and so many ways to get things wrong.

Here’s an example: If you happen to relocate to London, you need to ‘scout’ the locations that are not only prestigious enough to attract business, new employees and media exposure, but also not too expensive (don’t ever consider the West End area – it costs you GBP110/sq.ft./year. Try London City area – it costs you half of that.)  Not only that, you also need to move everything to the new location.  Don’t even think to DIY it; ask for a local removal company in London to help you out.

A business woman is moving to an new office

That doesn’t mean that disaster is imminent. Provided that you know the right questions to ask from the start, we guarantee that you’ll find a property that’s cost-effective, ideally situated and just perfect for your new enterprise.

To help you out, we’ve made a short list of the things you’ll need to bear in mind…


Irrespective of whether you’re opening a new venture or relocating an existing business, the people that you employ are going to have to travel to and from work every day, and the location you choose will have a major impact on them. Long commutes can have a really negative impact on employee satisfaction, and if travel routes are limited you’ll find that you’re very restricted in terms of the size of the area you can recruit within.

The majority of people will be unwilling to travel for more than half an hour each day, so the first thing to do is to think about the areas you can reach within that timeframe. If you’re located along a commuter route, this will be much more extensive than it would be for a property located in the countryside.

Even more crucially, perhaps, consider your location in terms of alternative modes of transport. The better a property’s public transport links, the wider the talent pool you’ll have access to. If people can only reach your office through either walking or driving, the number of graduates that will be willing to work for you, for example, will be very limited.


Although it is often overlooked, another point to consider is the aesthetics of any properties that you look at, both in terms of the building itself and the location.

New office space with modern design

Firstly, the building must be presentable; the slightest hint of dilapidation creates entirely the wrong impression. Everything should be neat and orderly, from the furniture to the outside of the property. In particular, keep an eye out for a tidy garden, well-maintained exterior and pleasing interior.

This extends to your location too. The area you choose to locate your enterprise in will need to be presentable and respectable, with low crime rates and a positive reputation.

Going a step further, it helps to choose a location that fits well with your brand. If you’re a high-end business specialising in finance, for example, a period building might be a good choice, as it suggests sophistication, tradition, and respectability. Character offices are a particularly good fit for any high-end business, as they can be specifically tailored to your needs and sensibilities.

Local Amenities

Local amenities are another important factor to think about. Locating a property in an isolated area is one certain way to guarantee employee dissatisfaction, so take a good look around potential office sites before settling on anything. In particular, keep an eye out for places to eat or purchase food and drink.

Staff satisfaction can be further improved by choosing a site with certain local amenities, such as a bank, pharmacy, and shopping area, as these provide places to go and things to do whilst they’re on lunch breaks, or during or after work. Although some employers consider these things trifling and unnecessary, they really can go a long way towards bolstering staff morale and improving workplace satisfaction, making them worth their weight in gold.

Make your decision with these three things in mind and you’ll soon find the perfect new office space for your business.