Hotspots For Small Business: Surviving The Vegas Heat

Las Vegas, Nevada has been consistently ranked as one of the top cities in the U.S. to start a small business or entrepreneurial career. The low cost of living combined with a booming startup industry, and world of opportunity make Sin City the perfect place to bring your business concept to life.

But among the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas Boulevard, there’s just one real drawback to this thriving desert town—the outrageous heat. With average summer temperatures hovering just over the 100’s, the Las Vegas heat is enough to scare away many business owners. What these execs aren’t considering though, is how Vegas residents and businesses have perfected the art of cooling even record-breaking temperatures.

Las Vegas at night

If you’ve been considering moving your business to Las Vegas, we’re here with 6 ways to beat the heat so that you can make the most out of your business investment.

1. Air Conditioning is EVERYWHERE

This is just a simple fact in this city. There just isn’t a hotel, small business, or home in this city that would dare brave the Vegas summer without proper air conditioning. If you’re moving your business here, your realtor will probably know to give you all of the HVAC details. To avoid any potential issues with your business space, be sure to chat with your realtor or landlord about the kind of service your air conditioning system may need.

Ask how long ago the system was installed, how often you should schedule maintenance, and if there have been any past issues with the building’s AC. A lapse in air conditioning could make your space unattractive to potential customers and cost you in lost revenue. Keeping your AC system in good condition is super important to operating a successful business in Nevada.

2. Cool Car Features We Can’t Live Without

Besides air conditioning, there are some incredible vehicle features we love to help us deal with triple digit weather throughout the year. The new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta uses ventilated seats and surfaces to keep your car’s interior cool even if you’ve been parked in the sun all day long. If you’re a new Sin City transplant, you may want to consider checking out a Volkswagen dealership in Las Vegas to jump on this cool deal.

Whether you’re buying a fleet of vehicles for your employees or just one for yourself, be sure to assess the vehicle’s cooling features to make the best decision for you and your business.

3. Weatherproof Your Business

Like we said—making sure your storefront maintains a below-70 thermostat reading is critical to surviving both the heat and the small business market. Installing powerful air conditioning is just one step in the process. There’s a reason that Vegas hotels and casinos don’t have many windows— and it’s not just to keep the gamblers inside!

Consider investing in some blackout shades for your business. These dark window treatments help block out the harsh sun, helping to keep your space nice and cool.

Las Vegas hotel poolside

4. Hotels Aren’t Just for Tourists

Just because you’re a local now doesn’t mean you can’t play tourist. Many hotels like the MGM Grand offer discounts to locals on rooms as well as pool and spa amenities. Take your employees out for the day and escape the heat at a great price!

5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Las Vegas locals may be expert gamblers, but there’s one thing we know not to gamble on—water. The CDC recommends increasing your water intake during extreme heat, and not waiting until you think you’re thirsty to hydrate. Not hydrating enough in our extreme weather could cost you a trip to the Emergency Room.

Encourage your employees and customers to stay hydrated by investing in a water cooler to have available for everyone at your storefront.

6. Sun Protection is Key

If your business operates some or most of the time outdoors, you’ll want to make sun protection part of your business’ employee training program. UV protection can reduce the risk heat-related illness; so consider offering your employees UV shirts as part of their uniform.

In Conclusion

Thanks to the affordable cost of living and thriving network of small businesses, Las Vegas is one of the best cities to move your business. With these insider tips, you’ll be ready to brave the heat and cash-in on the benefits of operating in the vast Mojave Desert.