5 Tips for Relocating Your Business – Successfully!

So, you are relocating your business and you might be starting to panic. The move can be a smooth and simple process, as long as you dedicate the time and attention needed to plan ahead for the move.

Below are five tips for relocating your business that will make the move much smoother.

Business relocation
photo credit: Kampus Production / Pexels

Tip #1 – Give Out Your Address Early

Make sure you notify your business partners, customers and neighbors that your business is relocating well in advance. There are several ways that you can do this other than just putting out a standard sign on your door to alert people of your move. Make sure you take advantage of the below to inform the public about your move:

• Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

• The homepage of your website.

• Online company profiles such as Yelp, Google Map Listings and Merchant Circle.

• Email and snail mail

Remember you might lose a lead or make a client unhappy if they go to your old location and cannot find you.

Tip #2 – Computer Moving

Computers are far too delicate to risk having them damaged during a move. Hire a good computer moving company to get your equipment safely from one location to the next. Remember that your computer contains the most important information for your business. Make sure you coordinate backing up your data with your IT department.

Tip #3 – Being Cost Conscious

No matter how well you plan your move, it is probably going to be costly. You want to save every bit of money you can. You also want to prepare your new space with some new things that you have been putting off replacing. Of course, it is always a good idea to bring the things you need, but don’t bring the things you really don’t need. This is especially true when you relocate your business to a new place with a new image.

By reprinting your business cards and all your stationary, you will have the chance to upgrade your image and add a bit of color and creativity to your look. Save money where it should be saved, but spend money on wise investments.

Office relocation

Tip #4 – Rerouting Mail and Other Services

Remember to get in touch with your telephone and Internet provider ahead of time. If you switch providers and use mail services like Microsoft Outlook, you might have to go through a reconfiguration of your company email when you get settled in your new place.

Schedule your services such as mail pickup, office supply deliveries and water drop-off ahead of time. If you owned your prior location, you will have to schedule shutting off your utilities. Likewise, if you move to a non-leased location, you will have to make sure you have the utilities set to cut on by your move in date.

Tip #5 – Make Your Move an Event

Make your relocation a chance to reach out to potential new customers. If you have a marketing department, or if you do your own advertising, take advantage of your move. Highlight the features and benefits of your new location. Try adding some free items and giveaways, discounts or special services with a new promotional item. For the best effect, try using a mass mailing advertising your new location.

It is very important to plan things out well in advance before your move. Always remember to back up your computer information before you move it, and always remember to consider your customers. Remind them in a gentle way to be patient during your move, and let them know that you will be up and running in no time at all and look forward to having them visit your new location.