MetaTrader 4 Has Created a Huge, Loyal Following

If you’re trading Forex and CFDs, you probably use MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Almost everyone agrees that it is the best trading platform by far, and the choice to use it is a no-brainer. In the more than 10 years of its existence, it has built a loyal fan base, made up of millions of traders. With brokers like Admiral Markets offering MetaTrader 4 for Mac – an operating system for which for a long time had no native MT4 app – that following is only going to get bigger.

What is it about MetaTrader 4 that has won over almost every trader? Why have Macbook users been finding workarounds to use it for years? How has a community formed around a piece of software which, on the surface, is simply a platform to make trades?

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It’s by far the best

The obvious reason that people love MT4 is that it beats all other platforms. It has amazing functionality. It is intuitive and user-friendly. It is accessible to newbies and provides plenty of features for experts as well.

Furthermore, it is the best platform for automated trading, which is becoming more and more popular in our fast-paced world.

It is more than a platform

What it is crucial to understand from the get-go is that MT4 is not just a means for making trades. Ostentatiously, that is what a platform is. It connects you to the markets, allowing you to buy and sell.

But MetaTrader 4 provides users with a whole lot more. In depth analysis is possible – and ideal – through MetaTrader 4. With data collated into charts and indicators, multiple timeframes and live quotes, it provides everything you need to analyse the markets, make decisions, and follow through.

As we mentioned before, MetaTrader comes with automated trading capabilities. Users can develop and backtest strategies, functionality that makes automated trading intuitive.

It must be noted that Admiral Markets advises against using automated trading on MetaTrader 4 for Mac, since it is an emulated app. They cannot guarantee that your results will be perfectly accurate, and traders who want to use these features should try finding alternative options.

The community

Online traders collaboration

MetaTrader 4 users are more than just a fan base. They are an actual community, who communicate over forums, sharing open source software to find ways to take advantage of everything MT4 has to offer. They also share tips and ideas, collectively making trading easier and MetaTrader 4 even more effective.

MetaTrader 4 is accessible to all

The most important thing about MetaTrader 4 is that it is completely accessible. You don’t need a background in IT or Forex to start using it immediately. It is free, and most Forex brokers offer it as their native platform.

Now that installing MetaTrader 4 for Mac is easy, and there’s no longer a need to use complicated and burdensome workarounds, there are no more obstacles to using MetaTrader 4. Everyone can become part of the MT4 community, and take trading to another level.