CashFX: A Platform to Make Trading Accessible

If you’ve ever wondered how to get into trading but thought it might be too difficult to understand, CashFX was built for you. Their Trading Academy Pack (TAP) was specifically created to help interested parties learn through advanced training lessons. Their purpose: to help the millions of people who dream of financial freedom learn and access the technical expertise needed for forex success.

The CashFX trading platform is contracted with brokers who are regulated under professional boards. These boards include the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of London. In Dubai, their brokers are regulated with the Financial Services Authority (DFSA). They are also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority of South Africa (FSCA) and the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA).

Online investing

The Benefit of Learning with the Trading Academy

The biggest benefit to enrolling with CashFX’s Trading Academy is that you can learn while you earn. Your journey into the world of trading begins immediately. They open the doors so that you can learn this intricate field and be prepared to discover how financial professionals are able to live a life of financial freedom through sound investment strategies.

Their online learning forex center was developed specifically to help students learn with real forex success. You’re not playing with fake lessons. You’re getting real world training that matters right from the first day.

Their system is broken down to give you all the support you need:

  • Knowledge. Learn the ins and outs of the financial markets. CashFX gives you a firm foundation to build your knowledge for a rock-solid future.
  • Execution. Success is all about execution. The Trading Academy helps you develop the skills of a profitable trader so that you can put your knowledge base to work for you.
  • Achievement. Graduating from their program gives you a solid understanding of the skills you need to build a profitable career in finance.

How Does the Trading Academy Pack (TAP) Work?

The Trading Academy Pack (TAP) gives you access to a group of trading experts who can lead you through advanced trading initiatives. Learn the very basics of trading and advance to the height of trading knowledge.

The CashFX trade contracts range from $300 all the way up to $100K. This range ensures that the company caters to all socioeconomic backgrounds because they believe that financial freedom is something you can learn and earn. Not something you should luck into.

Students who invest see 70% of their investment automatically placed on the Trading Pool. The remaining 30% goes toward the TAP. What this means for you is that if you invest $1,000, $300 goes to TAP, instead of going to the company.

Half of that $300 will go to your sponsor as a Fast Start Bonus. The other half of the $300 would go towards the UNILEVEL COMMISSIONS. That 30% is absorbed into the compensation plan.

If you wish to withdraw from the program, the company can refund your 70% minus any penalty fee. But you should note that the 30% is used in the compensation plan and cannot be refunded at any point. That money is paid out immediately.

Bear vs bull

Bear or Bull

If you decide the join CashFX, you need to choose whether you want to be an Investor (Bear) or a Network Builder (Bull). Let’s break down the difference so that you can decide which structure is right for you.

A Bear earns two times the investment amount. In this scenario, if you invest $2,000, your package maxes out at $4,000. In essence, the full amount you can earn with this package is $4,000. At that point, your package expires and you would need to purchase a new package to keep going.

You do have the option to upgrade to a higher package. If you’ve seen great increases and want to earn more, you can simply pay the difference for a higher package. But this step must be taken before you’ve hit the 200% mark. This means that you need to upgrade before you have maxed out and earned the full $4,000 (in the above example).

Through the CashFX program, you need to withdraw your earnings from your balance and transfer them into bitcoin. When you make this withdrawal, you should be aware that there are fees involved. You’ll need to pay 20% in fees. 10% goes toward paying everyone on the Matrix.

Once you withdraw, you can use the money from you bitcoin wallet to reinvest. You can invest in any package that you want to upgrade to with these funds. You should note that if you’ve already earned the 200%, you can no longer upgrade. Your plan would have expired. In this case, you’ll need a to purchase a new package which is at full cost.

That’s how the process works for a Bear or simple investor. Let’s talk about how the process works for a Bull.

A Bull earns two times the invested money from the trading pool and an additional two times from the networking side. The networking side includes the Fast Start Bonus, Unilevel commission, and the forced matching bonus on the matrix.

In this scenario, if you invest $1,000 and refer one person, you automatically become a Bull and this means you can earn as much as $4,000 from you initial investment.

If you’ve decided to become a Bull, you need to refer at least one person, minimum. You also need to track your own dashboard. This will show you the percentage of earnings on the network and the trading pool.

If you’re serious about recruiting, it will hit the 200% fast. One thing to keep in mind if you’re choosing this path is that you need to upgrade to a higher package before you max out in order to continue earning commissions. If you don’t upgrade prior to maxing out, you’ll lose commissions. It’s very much a timing issue that you need to keep complete control of.

Monitoring your dashboard is essential for success for a Bull. That’s why CashFX implemented a tracker for your dashboard so that you can clearly see exactly where you are at a glance. They recommend upgrading as soon as you reach 180%. This will mean that you can ensure you gain all your commissions.

Bulls earnings can also accelerate from the Unilevel commissions. The levels are based from Level 1 to Level 10.

  • Level 1-4. Everyone can earn.
  • Level 5-10. You need to qualify.

Currently, CashFX is in pre-launch and members can earn on all levels. In the future, you will need to qualify to earn on levels 5-10.

Is CashFX Right for You?

Both Bears and Bulls earn from the forced matrix commissions. To explain this plainly, the earning potential here is based on the people that you refer, but it’s also based on the people placed under you on the matrix by the business and people who were brought in by other referrers.

Anyone who withdraws pays the system 20%. That 20% goes to pay everyone on the matrix. This ensures that everyone involved will earn based on others’ withdrawals. This creates an environment where everyone involved wins.

CashFX brings together a simple solution for all levels of investors. Choose your path and learn more about the financial markets so that you can forge your own financial success.

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