Business Owners: Business Revolve Around Driving? Start Planning

The role of driving in business is most of the time underestimated. Some enterprises would not function if business owners and their employees were not able to operate automobiles. Imagine how much time is spent going to meetings or running errands.

When you have an associate coming in, your driver’s license saves the day because you can carry him/her around without inconveniences. However, you need to be careful: Motoring offenses can be hard to escape sometimes, and you may find yourself facing a driving ban.

This results in driving ban

Don’t break the rules – or else!

Traffic infractions range a broad spectrum from speeding to drink driving. Your driving record may have accumulated more than a few offenses, leaving you with the threat of getting banned from the roads.

A driving ban would be a big blow to your business in many ways. If your home is a distance from the workplace, then it means a daily commute on public transport. You also have to schedule your goings and comings according to the public transportation plan, which can present various downsides.

How to avoid a driving ban

The need to avoid a ban is clear for the wellbeing of both your business and personal life. So, what measures would be suitable at this point?

1. Have Proper Insurance

Insurance can get you out of a few predicaments when on the road. Planning for business car insurance is vital because you face unique challenges during your constant rides. An insurer will look at the various risks that a business owner is exposed to. For example, an insurance policy has to look at the amount of time spent on the road. The longer you drive, the higher the possibility of committing an infraction.

Then there is the period spent in traffic, which translates to a higher likelihood of getting into minor accidents. Working with an appropriate insurance provider will allow you to get suitable coverage. Most companies also have more than one product for business owners, and you can capitalize on that.

2. Find a Suitable Car

Another way to reduce the risk of a driving ban is to use a roadworthy vehicle. A good number of traffic offenses and traffic infringements occur due to cars in poor conditions. Investing in a new model will expose your business to fewer liabilities. A car that doesn’t break down every few minutes minimizes possibilities of getting into accidents. The vehicle you drive will dictate the type of insurance you can get as well.

Driving a well-maintained automobile shows you have taken reasonable measures towards road safety. In such instances, you can count on favorable policies. Besides, a vehicle in good condition is a plus point when nabbed for traffic offenses. An unroadworthy car can aggravate your case, especially in accident scenarios.

Hiring a lawyer for your business

3. Get a Lawyer

Hiring legal counsel in such circumstances is a safe course of action and should be first in your plans. What safety does a lawyer offer when a driving ban is imminent?

Well, a ban can be a mandatory punishment in some instances, but that doesn’t mean an appeal is not possible, particularly for an individual who shows remorse. However, appealing a driving ban is complicated, and the chances depend heavily on the type of case. An attorney knows the best approaches in these scenarios. For example, if your previous record is spotless, the court may reconsider a ban.

Cases of driving while intoxicated can get very complex and come with a mandatory ban; hence, the need for drink driving lawyers. Many factors come into play in drink driving cases such as the quality of tests and legality of a traffic stop. An attorney can look into all these when handling your case to avoid a ban. Reducing the period of the ban may be the next best thing in such circumstances. One defense is to argue extreme hardship as a result of the ban.

An attorney can show that being prohibited from driving will affect your business or life gravely. If your job relies on having a license, then losing it may not be an option because it threatens your job security. Another factor that may influence a ban is if a driver is responsible for the health of others or the public and losing a license jeopardizes that.

It’s the court discretion to analyze a case of exceptional hardship and if a reduction of the ban time is necessary. What a lawyer can do is explain the regulation and protocols that follow such a process. Additionally, legal counsel will go a long way when you want to apply for your license early. The probability of such an application going through varies with cases.


Driving bans may appear straightforward, but the can get very complicated in a matter of minutes. A business owner has a lot to worry about without having to think about how bad a driving ban would be.

But fear not; the presence of legal help can make it less daunting to face the consequences of your traffic offenses. That said, a lawyer can aid in reducing the charges of drunk driving, which can very easily ruin your business.