Electric Cargo Bikes: Why You Need Them

Electric Cargo bikes are an awesome asset to both businesses and domestic users. They have the ability to carry a large load as well as bulky items that regular bikes would otherwise be unable to deal with. Now, thanks to new technology, with the electric motors, they’re becoming more reliable and even cheaper to run than before.

Today, more and more traders are opting for electric bikes over cars as part of their delivery business, be it courier services or food delivery but with a shift toward a ‘greener future’ becoming ever more prevalent, the option of electric cargo bikes becomes a much better choice. If you’re new to the world of electric motors however, it can seem a daunting move.

Electric cargo bike
photo credit: E Rider

It’s for that reason, we wanted to share the five advantages of electric cargo bikes and how you can make full use of them. Let’s break it down.

The Five Advantages Of Electric Cargo Bikes

1. Environmentally Friendly – thanks to their lack of a traditional engine, in favour of an electric engine, they produce zero emissions. They run off of a renewable energy source and are much friendlier for our environment. Let’s not forget the fact that even the battery inside of them can be recycled and it’s easy to see why this is the ‘friendlier’ choice.

2. Low Maintenance – because they lack a traditional engine, they also lack the usual suspects when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Say goodbye to spark plugs, air filters and timing belts. All of the usual problems you’d find with petrol run bikes, are a thing of the past. The only maintenance needed will likely be tyres and perhaps an odd replacement of a mirror here and there. Less maintenance will save you time and a lot of money.

3. Cheaper To Run – following on from the previous comment, electric cargo bikes & electric mopeds are low maintenance with fewer repairs which means far less money spent on them. You can also forget the costs associated with MOT’s and in a lot of cases, tax. Then of course there’s the fact that fuel is a fraction of the cost. No more expensive petrol; instead you’ll be spending virtually pennies on electricity. The difference in cost can in some cases be considerable.

4. Faster Deliveries – while some delivery companies use cars, cargo bikes, electric cargo bikes to be more specific, offer a fantastic way to nip through inner city traffic. This means your delivery drivers will avoid time sat in traffic with food going cold. Instead, deliveries will arrive with customers and clients much quicker.

5. Green Image – there’s a lot to be said about the ‘green’ image. With our planet being a hot topic at the moment, companies are doing all they can to move toward a greener image. Whether that’s going ‘green’ themselves choosing electric cargo bikes over petrol engine ones or simply associating with green businesses: the effect can be huge for a company. It’s certainly not to be sniffed at. The UK government is behind electric bikes and other electric vehicles to reduce emissions.

Electric vehicle company fleet
photo credit: E Rider

Make Full Use Of Your Electric Cargo Bike

Today more and more traders are using cargo bikes to enhance their brand and that’s no different with an electric cargo bike. Not only are you enjoying the benefits of using an environmentally friendly vehicle but you could also increase awareness of your brand with vehicle livery on the cargo box itself. Not only are you enjoying a fleet with far lower running costs but you’re also providing yourself with a free advertising opportunity to boot. What could be better?

If you’d like to find out more about high quality electric cargo bikes, take a peek at the offerings from E Rider Bikes & Electric Mopeds.