Burkfield’s Pro Tips On Home Appliance Marketing And Advertising

The home appliance market has expanded much over the past decade. With so much competition, it is very important to stand out if you want to sell your products. Burkfield, which started its home appliance business in Texas, has grown massively in recent months by implementing some changes to its marketing and advertising strategies.

Burkfield believes that proper advertisement is the key to reach your customers. Good advertisement doesn’t only sell your products; it also helps in developing them. Advertisement is all about connecting to the consumer. Every consumer is different, so you have to find a common ground.

Advertising technique

This guide will help you understand the different mediums, techniques and instruments you can use for advertisement of your home appliance business.

Visual representation

A picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure you have a clean logo for your business. The logo should represent the essence of your products. This helps to attract customers who don’t have the time for prolonged research.

For example, if you specialize in kitchen appliances, you can incorporate knives, forks or probably a wok into your logo. For cleaning appliances, you can use a broom stick or a mop.

Try to keep it contemporary and clean. People tend to be attracted to interesting pieces of graphics. A quote or a catch phrase, unique to your business, will enhance the chances. Visually appealing representations are very effective for attracting customers.


Flyers are very cheap and are very effective when you want to get the word out to your customers. This helps to market multiple products at the same time.

Flyers can be distributed in supermarkets or even in local stores. Later you can hire individuals to pass them out at places where there is significant amount of foot traffic. And if the local ordinances permit, you can leave flyers under windshield wipers.


Fashion e-commerce website

The internet is one of the most powerful tools you can use for marketing your business. Just by setting up a website, you can reach thousands, if not millions of people right in their homes. The website should have detailed information on all of the products along with customer service options. There are many web designing companies who can help you set up a site.

The website should be optimized for key word searches. It helps a lot when you are advertising online. People usually tend to search “keywords” in various search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. These major search engines can be paid for keyword advertisement. For example, you sell dish washers and you paid for the key words dish and washer, every time a person searches for these key words, your site will appear on top or side of the page. It is useful when you want to target customers within a certain geographical area.

Another way of getting your website to the top is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines use complex operations to determine the rank of websites and order them accordingly. You can initiate blogs and discuss the creative ways to use your products. This, along with many other SEO measures, will help your site rank up in search engines. SEO specialists are available to aid you.

Business cards

Business cards contain an overview of your business. The location, contact information and products you sell should be included in a proper way. And when you give away business cards, make sure to pass on 2 or 3 at a time. These cards will eventually reach potential customers and help expand your customer pool. It is a very effective marketing tool.

Just be alert about the needs of people you meet. If those needs can be satisfied by your home appliances, then you might as well provide them with quick and important information about your business. That’s when business cards come in handy.

Newspaper ads

Placing ads in newspapers can also attract customers. You should consider giving multiple ads in local newspapers rather than giving few ads in expensive ones. Local newspapers are cheaper and can provide a strong local base.

Promotional products

Promotional USB drive

Promotional products like pen, key chains, and calendars can help raise the number of customers. You have to be willing to make investment in giving away free gifts. This will benefit your business in the long run.


Bundling is when you sell a collection of products with a discount, which is not available if the products are sold separately. This influences the customers to buy more products at a time. More products purchased means more discounts availed. This helps to sell more products and customers also get a good deal.

Price promotion

Price promotions have several benefits. Offer one of your products at your cost price. This will attract price conscious consumers. When they come to your store to buy that particular product, you will have the opportunity to showcase more of your appliances and potentially increase your sales.


Product demo
photo credit: Toolstop

Demonstrations are very useful for creating demands for new appliances. You have to showcase how your product is better and efficient than all of its predecessors and competitors. Involving a locally famed individual will help a lot. It is all about creating a trust base for your customers.


A bit of extra service, extended warranty and replacement policies will make your customers more comfortable towards your products. You can introduce installment options, so it does not go heavy on the consumer’s wallet. Free home delivery and exchange offers are always attractive.


When it comes to advertising, focus on your customers. If you successfully make an impact on them, your products will sell. Be dynamic with your advertising techniques and diversify your marketing strategies periodically.

The tips provided in this guide will help you get up to speed but these are not absolute. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and innovate.