5 Tech-Savvy Ways to Protect Your Business

5 Tech-Savvy Ways to Protect Your Business

With the rise in technology, everyone seems to be clued in and this extends right the way through to burglars and cyber hackers. To make sure you are on top of your game when it comes to protecting your business, there are a few tech-savvy tips and investments that will save you from losing any crucial work or expensive software in the long run.

IT security

1. Back it up… and then secure your back up!

Cyber crime is a huge problem and to avoid having any work stolen or lost, securely backing your files up is absolutely essential. With cloud-based software, you can back up and access from absolutely anywhere. The only problem is, on most occasions the data is stored unencrypted, which means it is vulnerable if your cloud server is hacked. Contact your cloud provider to ensure you know how they handle your data or you can use a cloud security broker that encrypts any data of yours that passes in and out of the cloud based service.

2. Fingerprint safes

Biometric safe
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For anything physical you would not want to lose in the office such as laptops, phones, important documents, cash or cheques, fingerprint safes avoid any unwanted guests from accessing. These new smart safes are a great option for a business of any size, only recognising prints that have been programmed into the safe. You can usually store over 20 prints and therefore allow access to a select number of other employees that you trust.

3. Web protection software

A huge threat to a business’ security is in the devices the company’s employees use. This is a hacker’s best chance at feeding malicious software into your business’ network. If you allow your employees to use their personal devices in the workplace, any software that causes viruses from their devices can then leak into your network and destroy the entire thing. Web protection software is the answer to this as it blocks those devices from visiting malicious sites whilst on the company network.

4. Smart lock

August Smart Lock
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To lock up for the night without any concern, smart locks are the way to go. Easy to install with entry codes you can customise for different employees or visitors on the keypad, you will be able to monitor who exactly is coming into your office. Designed to work with your existing lock and connected to an app on your smart phone, you can set times and temporary access codes which are great for visitors, or if you have cleaners that come in the evenings for example. This grants you not only heightened security, but more control over your business.

5. Smart alarm systems!

You will want to throw away those old CCTV cameras once you have read about the new smart alarm systems. As technology advances, so do burglars and if there is a power cut, they usually take the opportunity to test security alarms. However, new smart alarm systems such as Verisure are one step ahead of the game being completely autonomous from both power supplies and wifi. If there is a break in to your business, the alarm, with a built in sim card, contacts the dedicated alarm centre who, upon verification, send security officers directly to your business. This entire process takes 45 seconds, bringing efficiency and heightened security to your place of work. Furthermore, they also have an app you can download so you can connect to the cameras and watch from anywhere.


For all purposes, becoming more tech-savvy in your workplace is a necessity nowadays as everything is switching to online forms so why not apply this to your office and be one stop ahead of the game to ensure your business is 100% safe!

Ivan Widjaya

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