The Advantages of Single Sign-On (SSO) for Business

As businesses grow, the adoption and deployment of multiple applications become a must – managing millions of usernames and passwords no doubt becomes a daunting task. In a bid to maintain user credentials and entitlements, SSO (Single Sing-On) offers a consistent customer experience that provides flexible industry standard framework for great numbers of application connections. The integration of SSO functionality makes it easy for firms to offer users a platform with a reliable corporate password security and provides one-click access to all programs.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

According to, SSO benefits firms in several ways; first, by providing cutting-edge identity and access management system that harmonises a range of applications. This user-friendly login process enhances customer satisfaction by simplifying login with a single sign-on; thus, bringing to an end the challenges of password fatigue.

Business organisations increase employees’ adoption of their tools and applications with secured security and compliance policies. Therefore, this technology makes it easy for customers to do business more efficiently and fast with a single access to multiple applications.

Reduced Sprawl of Credentials

Single Sign-On technology has the potential of assisting businesses to save the time it takes to access system in situations where you need to re-enter credentials at every single attempt to gain access to different applications. While the cost-saving calls on IT help desk is key, it has the capacity to reduce credential sprawl thereby preventing the danger of using the same password across multiple systems or platforms.

Time Efficiency

SSO is known to enhance time effectiveness. It encourages efficient login to the processes; thus, reducing the time it takes a user to log into multiple platforms. It is reputed for increasing the effectiveness of disabling all network accounts for terminated users; therefore, it increases the capacity of the IT experts to manage user configurations linked with the systems. The administrative overhead related to forgotten passwords over multiple applications is minimised.

Cost-cut on Help Desk

There are different costs associated with password reset calls but an average cost is pegged at $70. It’s noteworthy that over half of the Help Desk associated calls are linked with blanked out passwords. SSO brings the convenience essential to do away with remembering a list of countless access keys to varying applications. This also helps you to cut out the cost and discomfort associated with users calling the support desk.

Network security

Compliance and security enhancement with marked collaboration

One of the hallmarks of a modern organisation is sharing and re-sharing of important documents and files. SSO will boost users’ morale and make security easier for employees and customers’ buy-in. In this way, your firm simply ended the application workaround that occurs when employees feel the login process isn’t user-friendly or simply difficult.

Businesses with high dependence on collaboration with other establishments will benefit immensely from the Single Sign-On technology. The time efficiency offered by SSO will help them do business at a speed of light. SSO solutions will help your business to centralise authentication management, enabling users to log in and at once gain access to the shared applications. This facilitates efficient delivery of services and products while at the same time reducing the production time.

Efficient Productivity

One of the workplace tiresome routines is the tedious login processes especially when it has to do with companies that apply strict password policies. It makes a whole lot of sense to remember and use only a single password for accessing your multiple applications and further allocate more time to the things that offer more value during the day. SSO has eliminated the time lag arising from password log out, failed logins and allow you the opportunity to work more efficiently.

Elimination of Troubles and Hacking Chances

Imagine the trouble of running 15 varying services at the same time? The beauty of SSO is that it drastically cuts the amount of help desk manpower required to assist users in recovering their lost passwords. We can all agree that this is not a security issue, but SSO offers the benefits of cutting the trouble associated with customer demands for password reset. Also, rather than worrying about the security challenge of grappling with hackers prowl through the use of keylogger, SSO brings the peace of mind that builds customer loyalty and increase brand trust, and at the same time eliminate the risk of having someone intercepting your credentials without your consent.