Information Security in Healthcare is Crucial

In the world of digital medical data, there’s no room for error, and securing patient records is of the absolute importance. The law regarding data storage and leaks does not play nicely if leaks or losses occur.

The IT industry constantly faces new threats from hackers–and these criminals can operate in any corner of the globe. Healthcare providers, doctors, and specialty clinics must protect patient information with the utmost diligence. The problem is, as we all know, those who entered into medicine did so to practice healthcare. Doctors and nurses don’t have the time to worry about data losses or attacks.

Medical information security

Medical data: Growing vulnerability

There’s one fact about medical data: it’s only going to keep growing in size. Medical providers should keep their files and information offsite, under the control of specialized data scientists.

With recent advancements in technology, data companies can notify the client immediately in the event of a data leak. Did you know that it can take upwards of 206 days to identify a possible hack? Stealthy criminals can basically camp on data, exploiting vital records right before your eyes.

The cost of a data breach can easily bankrupt a business, including in the medical sector. The government has very strict regulations regarding medical information, and penalties can result in costly lawsuits.

Beware, cyber attacks!

As the world of the internet expands, the “dark net” of illegal information has become quite valuable. This helps usher the birth of a new threat, namely cryptocurrency ransoms. These are becoming more common and hackers can demand obscene sums in return for the release of your data – anonymously. The entire systems can be crippled by the work of one angry person.

The anonymous nature of internet crime attracts the worst type of opportunistic criminal. The trust of medical patients must extend beyond simply healthcare–the protection of sensitive information is vital.

Healthcare cyberattack compromises patients data

These types of attacks can occur from coast to coast. No matter where you reside, your systems could be vulnerable. Near our nation’s capital, Baltimore, Maryland security companies keep the data of countless businesses safe. The many high profile institutions near Washington DC are constantly under threat and these highly skilled professionals provide a fortress around their data.

Healthcare companies all across Maryland utilize the services of data protection. No matter if it’s a cancer center in Clarksburg or a general practice in Ann Arbor, patient information must be protected. HIPAA violations can cost up to $50,000 and lead to jail time. Data losses are usually not due to carelessness; they’re simply due to a lack of preparation. As today’s medical world evolves into an ever-connected digital realm, everything is uploaded to the cloud.


It’s easy for important data to be leaked, and it can happen to anyone–in any industry. Email phishing scams, keyloggers, and malware programs can snatch up valuable information in an instant. Once it’s gone, you can’t politely ask for it back.

The only way to truly know your data is safe and secure is to be prepared for the worst. The best solution? Protect your network with the professional skills of a data scientist. Don’t be complacent because your medical practice might be the next target; be prepared. Always.