3 Simple Tips on Employee Gifts and How to Make the Most Out of Them

Employees and superiors are not just linked by the relation of work between them but also a more personal inter-human relationship that naturally surfaces when people spend a lot of time in each other’s presence.

When the time comes for holidays and special occasions, giving your employees gifts is a great way to show your gratitude and also give them a major morale boost. The fact that you thought of them will bring them joy and keeping light and friendly spirits in the office place is one of the most important things for a successful business.

Employee gifts

Whether you organize a big lunch for everyone (on you) or buy your employees something useful – such as paying them to attend a professional development event like Brand Minds or physical items like RFID blocking wallet from ibricraft, there are a few things that you can keep in mind which will help you make the gifts more successful.

Make gifts personal

Sure, it’s the thought that counts, and not the gift itself. However, employees will be a hundred times more stokes if you gift them something that shows you’ve put in a personal touch. If you just buy something in bulk and give it to everyone, it will lose a chunk of its charm even if it will be appreciated.

Depending on how much time you’ve gotten the opportunity to spend around each employee, you’ve surely picked up a thing or two regarding their personalities. Use what you know in order to guess what they would like to receive as a gift. It can be anything from material things they can use every day to things like bonus vacation time.

Make gifts practical

It’s important to also get them things that are practical and they will be able to use. Make sure you’re not buying things that might look nice but at the end of the day have to practical value. They will end up in a drawer somewhere, eventually forgotten.

There are plenty of things that people need to use every day however, so try to stay within those boundaries when you purchase the gifts. If they use that gift every day, they won’t be able to help but remember how nice you were to them. This will carry on in the long run and strengthen your relationship with your employees.

Thank you, employees!

Make sure they know what it means

Don’t just give them the gift and run away, or leave it on their desk. Go the extra mile and add a special handwritten card or verbally express your gratitude for the work they’ve been putting in. This will count dearly and will make the gift that much more enjoyable for the employee.

You don’t have to come up with complex and baffling speeches for each individual employee. A few simple words like “I’m really glad you’re on our team” can make a world of difference and it will probably will.

Now over to you

Any other employee gifting tips from your first-hand experience? Please share with us!