3 Best Homes And Places To Live For Tech Entrepreneurs

As a tech savvy individual, not only should you focus on living in the best city for your entrepreneurial business, you should also pay attention to the type of home you live in. Some cities are going to be better than others and certain types of homes are going to provide you a higher quality of life.

With that said, we will now take a look at a few amazing places to live as an entrepreneur. When all’s said and done, we’ll also mention the ideal housing situation that will meet your specific needs.

Does this sound helpful? If so, read on and get the latest scoop.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

Many of today’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs are relocating to San Francisco for a wide variety of reasons. This area is rife with startups in the tech industry. So if you plan to develop and nurture your own tech startup, you’ll want to move to SF apartments sooner rather than later.

You do not want to move into any old apartment though. You want to move into a luxury apartment as an entrepreneur that perfectly fits your station in life. Remember, even if you’re just getting your company off the ground, most tech businesses blow up and become successful very quickly so it makes sense to move into a luxury apartment right off the bat.

Luxury apartments are perfect for young entrepreneurs just getting their start. They have incredible amenities with restaurants and grocery stores on-site, laundry on the premises, and much more. Plus, they’re the perfect place to meet other young entrepreneurs like yourself just getting their tech businesses off the ground in San Francisco.

Mountain View, California

Googleplex, Mountain View, CA
photo credit: Robbie Shade / Flickr

The entrepreneurial tech sector is incredibly hot and it’s only going to get hotter as bright young magnates continue to create amazing innovations. Although San Francisco has recently reached the height of popularity for tech businesses, we certainly can’t forget about Silicon Valley.

Mountain View, California is right in the heart of Silicon Valley. Located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area, it’s known as the birthplace of some of the hottest tech businesses in the world.

If you plan on getting your own startup off the ground or plan on working for one of the tech giants in the area, you’ll certainly want to live here or in one of the other luxury apartments in the area.

Why is luxury the way to go? Busy tech entrepreneurs hardly have extra free time on their hands. You work long hours, on the weekends, and you need your home situation set up in the most convenient way possible.

Luxury apartments are comfortable and convenient because they have all the latest and greatest amenities available right at your fingertips. There are fitness centers, restaurants, grocery stores, indoor swimming pools, BBQ pits on the roof, and other awesome features on the premise. Obviously this is a perfect setup for a young, busy, successful entrepreneur.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado
photo credit: Pedro Szekely / Flickr

Last but not least, we have Boulder Colorado. This city is becoming a real mecca for tech startups as well. Many young and hungry entrepreneurs are gravitating toward this tech magnet.

While living here, consider renting a luxury apartment or think about renting a house with other successful entrepreneurs. The choice is yours so we’ll leave it up to you.


Consider any or all of these options when looking for a new place to live as a tech entrepreneur. You will not be disappointed with any of these choices.

About the Author: Pat Sava is a super-connector with ManageBacklinks.io who helps businesses with building their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. Pat frequently writes about the latest advancements in the SaaS world and digital marketing.