3 Key Factory Biz Trends To Take Note Of

Growing and running a factory from day to day is a multifaceted, complex affair. And as new technologies arise and new insights are made by experienced factory managers, there are always new trends that emerge in the factory biz.

Some of those trends turn out to be mere fads that fade with the passing of a few short years, and it is not always easy to tell which trends will be of lasting value. But here are three key trends that we believe are sure to prove their worth and endure long into the future:

Large gas pipe factory

1. Slide Rail Systems For Factory Or Warehouse Expansion

When you need to excavate on your property to make needed repairs, expand a current building, or prepare the foundation for a new production or storage building, you can almost certainly benefit by employing a slide rail excavation system instead of conventional methods.

Easily the leader in the innovate slide rail shoring equipment is ICON Equipment. Their trenching equipment can increase productivity by up to 50%, reduce labor costs by up to 40%, and eliminate the need to use jack hammers.

ICON’s systems are build of highly durable, 50-grade steel. You also get the versatility of opting for two, three or four sided pits/trenches. And these sliding rails work great in virtually any soil type or condition. Using this kind of advanced excavation equipment will speed up your project so you can get your factory to full production level as soon as possible.

2. Invest In A Custom Assembly Service

Improving assembly efficiency is, quite obviously, a huge concern of factory managers across all industries. But for many factories, it is more efficient to use third-party custom assembly — WEISS-AUG is a leading provider, to ensure as much money and time is saved as possible and that customers are fully satisfied.

Specifically, your factory may wish to opt for manual, semi-automated, or fully automated assembly services. For lower volume production, manual systems may be best, while full automation makes the most sense for extremely high production levels. Semi-automated integrates high-level automation processes in with a few manual tasks.

WEISS-AUG will customize any package to your factory’s exact needs and will consult with you to help you understand which basic assembly method is right for you. The end-result of investing in assembly services is a streamlined process that can keep moving 24/7 if necessary for maximal efficiency.

Time tracking system

3. Switch Over To An E-Timeclock

Old-style payrolls are often very inefficient and can leave the door open to employee abuses like “buddy clocking.” Using an online electronic time clock and payroll system will greatly simplify and speed up your regular pay-outs.

Benefits of e-timeclocks include: an automated system that saves you time, pinpoint clock-in and clock-out accuracy, eliminations of many potential payroll disputes, ability to monitor off-site workers anywhere and at anytime, and ability to instantly generate helpful reports.

Anyone who has relied on manual time clocks over the years knows the many snags and problems they can cause. E-payroll systems eliminate those problems and save you more time and money.

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