4 Reasons You Need to Add Mobile Advertising to Your Budget Now

You’ve used online advertising as part of your overall plan for reaching out to prospective customer over the years and had quite a bit of success. One area where you may be lacking is making the most of mobile advertising. This strategy involves the display of ads in various mobile settings ranging from text messages to banners embedded in mobile friendly sites to ads that show up in game apps. If you are wondering what adding mobile advertising to your budget would accomplish, here are four points you should keep in mind.

Mobile advertising

More People are Purchasing Products Using Their Smartphones

During the calendar year of 2015, the total number of purchases made using a smartphone exceeded $100 billion USD. 2016 saw an increase in that figure by 245%. 2017 is predicted to be an even bigger increase.

The fact is that more people are making purchases using their phones. Unless you are devoting a reasonable portion of your advertising dollars to mobile ads, you are missing some great opportunities to generate revenue and to add more clients who keep coming back for more.

A Cost Effective Way to Advertise

With the increase in customers using mobile devices to shop, you would think the cost of advertising would be substantial. In fact, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get you and your products in front of the buying public. Compared to other advertising approaches, you will find that mobile advertising will generate significant returns on your investment and still leave plenty of cash to spend on more traditional forms of advertising.

Relevant Ads on Relevant Sites

The methods used to select where to display your ads are different from a decade ago. Now real time bidding is the rule of the day, especially with mobile advertising. This approach allows you to actively compete with larger competitors and also conduct more targeted campaigns to reach specific sectors of the consumer market. You will notice that the number of hits and actual purchase increases thanks to this method.

Users Tend to Linger a Little Longer

using smartphone

One thing about mobile ads is that consumers tend to stick around a little longer once they display. That’s good news for you, since it means there is a better chance they will read the entire ad before decided whether to close it out and look for something else. Every second that a reader stays on the ad increases the odds of clicking through and deciding to make a purchase.

It’s hard to find a downside to creating an advertising campaign involving mobile ads. Talk with a professional who is already providing help with this approach to other clients and get some ideas on what to do. There’s a good chance that launching a few good ads in the right places will increase your visibility and your revenue stream noticeably in six months or less.