Ways to Generate Multiple Streams of Income as a Freelance Writer

Being a freelancer has its perks. You have the ability to work as much as you want on topics you enjoy. Though there are a lot of successful freelance writers out there, most of them didn’t get where they are today by putting all of their eggs in one basket.

As unpredictable as freelance income can be, failing to have more than one source of income could leave you high and dry during slow periods. Fortunately, there are a lot of opportunities for freelance writers to turn their love of writing into income.

Retro freelance writer

1. Content Marketing Companies

While getting a large client base can help to reduce the amount of downtime you have as a freelance writer, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup plan.

Content marketing companies are often looking for skilled writers to join their team. While they may not pay as much as you’d charge for an article, the rates can be reasonable and topics often vary. Often, there is a content pool from which you can select posts from to complete. Writers are typically paid upon completion and approval of each post.

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you enjoy writing content and have a strong online presence dipping into affiliate marketing can be a great way to make some cash as a freelance writer. Affiliate marketing is the process of driving leads to products and services that you don’t own. In exchange for either driving traffic to a site or converting leads into sales, affiliate marketers are given a commission.

As a freelance writer, you already know what is required to draft engaging content and simply need to create niche-specific content with authentic links to the products and services you’re promoting. The best part about affiliate marketing is as long as your content is out there and the link is active, you can make money while you sleep.

3. Monetize Your Blog

Blogging is a very lucrative way for freelance writers to earn money. Not only does blogging allow you to hone in on your writing skills, draw in new audiences, and build your brand, but when set up properly, you can make money from your blog.

Monetizing your blog with popular ads, affiliate links, and product reviews can help you to bring in extra cash.

Freelancer writing a book

4. Write a Book

Are you passionate about something? Got a creative knack for writing short stories or novels? If so, you could bring in some extra money as a freelance writer by writing a book. eBooks are digital books that can be downloaded to various platforms. They are very affordable to create, publish, and market.

5. Write Reviews

Do you love giving your opinions on products or services? If so, you can make some extra money by writing reviews online. Companies are often willing to pay reviewers a few dollars to express their experiences with products and services. Higher quality reviews, like those that could be written by a freelance writer, will get a lot of exposure ultimately leading to higher paid review jobs.

6. Social Media Marketing

There’s no denying the importance of social media to businesses today. While most realize the significance, most business owners will tell you they simply don’t have the time to keep up with the growing demands of social media marketing.

As a freelance writer, you have a competitive edge that could allow you to easily transition into a social media manager. As you might imagine a business would be willing to pay a decent amount if you’re able to get them more likes and recognition on social media. Drafting meaningful niche-related posts for small business owners who don’t have the time could earn you some major cash.


When you have a creative mind and the ability to write engaging, honest content there’s no telling how much money you could really make online. As a freelancer, it is imperative to consider other avenues for making a living – especially if you’re freelancing full-time.

Hopefully, this has provided you with some insight on how to continually turn your writing into a dollar.