Top 5 Company Cars of This Year

For many businesses in today’s society, having a company car is extremely important, and some cannot function without one. However, with hundreds of models on the market, it can be very difficult to choose a company car that’s ideal for your business.

BMW 3 Series

When under a tight budget, anything from used Honda cars to second-hand Renault’s will do the trick. However, if you want something that is going to perfectly brand your company, as well as something that keeps costs to a minimum, these company cars should manage seamlessly.

Trying to check all boxes – prices, features, reliability, image, etc. – here are five company cars that we recommend for you to consider:

Audi A3

Audi A3

Whether you’re a private or company car buyer, the A3 should be able to cater for all of your car needs. It is often recommended that company car buyers purchase the 1.6 TDI 110 Ultra SE, emitting only 89g/km of CO2.

Being an organisation, it’s important that you select a car that is good for the community, as potential clients may be displeased if you’re using a car that contributes to pollution. Plus, they’re usually much cheaper to run. This specification is also equipped with the best A3 suspension setting, making driving much easier for everyone.

Volkswagen Golf

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTD

The Golf is loved by everyone, including families, businesses and just the general public all together. If you’re looking for the best Golf for your business, the 2.0 TDI 184 GTD seems to be the most popular model, possibly because of its impressive performance as well as fuel economy. The amount of CO2 that this option produces is a miniscule 112g/km, showing how efficient this car really is.

A Golf will always prove to be a very reliable company car.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi Zetec 115
photo credit: YouTube

Whilst people often disregard the Focus as a company car, it offers many features that will definitely benefit you. It doesn’t matter how advanced the person driving the car is, as the Focus is easy to drive, and won’t provide you with any problems on the road.

People tend to prefer the 1.6 TDCi 115 Zetec due to its impressive performance, placing the Focus on par with other higher-quality brands. The only issue with the Focus, though, is the unassuming appearance, so it might not turn many heads on the street.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes-Benz C200 Bluetec

We can straight away identify that Mercedes produce the classiest cars on the market, with a luxury interior and a glamorous exterior. However, the C-Class doesn’t sacrifice efficiency for appearance, as the CO2 emissions are massively low.

If your company would benefit from low tax bills, the C200 Bluetec would be perfect as it will allow you to spend your profits on other aspects of your business. Furthermore, for the ideal company car, we would always recommend purchasing a C-Class with a Sport trim or Airmatic suspension for flawless driving activity.

BMW 3 Series

BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics

The BMW 3 Series is the car with the highest search results, and when you look at the car in detail, it’s obvious why. The model is comfortable, classic and extremely cheap to run despite its luxurious feel.

The 3 Series is ideal if you need a company car that looks stunning, is easy to drive and very affordable to own. To narrow it down even further, the 320d Efficient Dynamics is the most favourable variant, as it averages 68.9mpg and only emits 109g/km of CO2, making this car very environmentally-friendly.

Now over to you…

What’s your favourite company car? Please share what you think of it with us!