The Car Cleanse: A Guide To Overhauling Your Company Vehicle

Car care always comes with a feeling of defeat, but it really shouldn’t. It’s a responsibility few get 100% right, and it usually comes down to not knowing where to start. Cars are built for resilience and with the right maintenance, you can assure their health for many years to come – which means good news to your company’s bottom line.

So, rather than suffering that mess or ignoring that noise for one more day, find out how you can overhaul your company vehicle by stepping your car maintenance up a gear or two.

Company car maintenance

Mechanic work

If you were feeling under the weather, or noticed a leak in your roof – you would absolutely expedite fixing these issues. So why do you let your car coast, rather than identifying and remedying the problem?

Skipping your mechanic appointments or failing to set them in the first place will only harm your interests, as you’ll find yourself with a poor performing car that you cannot sell when it comes time because you didn’t abide by any type of maintenance structure. If it’s time that keeps you from making those mechanic appointments, you can seek the services of a mobile mechanic.

Protect your exterior

We’re often noticing the damage to our car interior and checking under the hood, with little thought to the exterior of our car. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. When you lay your eyes on your next car for the first time, those dents and chips won’t help you in closing the deal.

On a regular basis you should be washing, drying, applying protectants and then waxing the exterior. In that order. These four steps will give you an added layer of protection against the elements and aging, not to mention making your car look great.

Maintain your interior

At a minimum, you should be vacuuming your car seats and floors and wiping your interiors with disinfectant fortnightly. You can’t afford looking shabby especially when you use it for picking up your clients at the airport, for example.

The dashboard and mirror are the first things to look dirty, which is unfortunate as they are all you look at when you’re driving. You can prevent car interior fading by blocking the sun with a shade or using specially-made chemicals to reduce the harm done.

Another less known tip is to crack a window of your car. When your car is fully sealed the heat builds like an oven, and so cracking your windows will present a way for the hot air to escape and minimise heat damage.

Businessman checking log book

Show your log book some love

Your car log book provides more value than just taking up half your glovebox. Although it does a great job of doing so. It also keeps you and your manufacturer accountable to maintenance, and can flag issues and trends that may be occuring in your car. This can be key evidence in an underlying issue, and can even pinpoint the service or incident in which it occurred.

It’s also one of the first things a new buyer will ask if you ever put your car on the market, so there is financial motivation for you to keep the log book in tidy order. The best part about log book maintenance is that you don’t necessarily administer it. In fact, nine times out of ten it will only be handled by the mechanic or manufacturer.


That new car smell and feeling can be something you experience every day, but it will be something you have to work at. If you are thinking your car is too far gone, you’re wrong. You can slow down the aging process and even breath new life into the old girl by simply showing some much needed car care. Call a mobile mechanic today and put the wheels in motion to a healthier car.