The Best Company Cars That Launched In 2016

In 2016 a lot of interesting company cars were released. These cars were perfect for big enterprises and rising entrepreneurs that needed to be on the streets for business.

Below you will find the ten most interesting company cars of 2016. Most of them are German belonging to the sedan segment, although there are some from other nations and other categories that performed and sold well.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Alfa Romeo Giulia was initially sold only in the sports version Quadrifoglio, equipped with a 2.9 V6 twin turbo petrol engine with 510 hp. Further up the engine range was expanded with more options suitable for corporate fleets such as the 2.0 supercharged petrol engines and above all, the 2.2 turbodiesel. It offers incredible comfort and its size made it perfect for a business car, only comparable to Alfa Romeo MiTo which was introduced in 2008.

BMW 330e

2016 BBW 330e

The 330e hybrid version of the BMW Series 3 equipped with a 2.0 petrol engine combined with an electric unit can generate a total output of 252 hp, achieving acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds and is able to travel 40 km with zero emissions at a maximum speed of 120 km/h. It was the perfect option for eco-friendly companies aiming for sustainability.

Fiat Tipo

2016 Fiat Tipo

The Fiat Tipo is a compact characterized by affordable prices with large expanses. It has two available engines at launch which were perfect for corporate fleets: a 95 bhp 1.4 petrol and a 1.6 turbodiesel MultiJet II 120 HP.

Ford Edge

2016 Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a great SUV based on the Mondeo platform and was positioned one step above the Kuga. The 2.0 TDCI turbo diesel is available in two power variants: 180 and 210 hp.

Hyundai i20 Active

2016 Hyundai i20 Active

The Active version of the Hyundai i20 gives a nod to the world of SUV. Under the hood is a 1.0 turbo petrol engine with 100 or 120 hp.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer

2016 Opel Astra Sports Tourer

The compact station wagon are still very appreciated as company cars and the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer managed to play a leading role in this category in 2016. Lighter than the previous generation, the hatchback variant retained the same engines: three petrol units and three turbo-diesel 1.6 CDTI with 95, 110 and 136 hp respectively.

Renault Talisman

2016 Renault Talisman

The sedan Renault Talisman aims to continue conquering the business world and the corporate fleet market in 2017. It shares a spot in the list of best business cars of all time with the Espace and Kadjar.

Volkswagen Tiguan

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan

The most interesting new 2016 Volkswagen is definitely the second generation of the Tiguan. The Wolfsburg SUV arrived with a sportier style and a range of engines. Its performance and style earned it a spot in the list for amazing business cars.