Is Your Business or Brand Using Social Media to its Advantage?

Most companies and brands have social media accounts. However, is your company using these platforms to their best advantage? Many brands and businesses merely open their social profiles and then do very little to drive engagement and conversion through them.

Social media can help your business of brand reach a broader target market and spread your footprint globally if you are doing it right. Creating and executing an effective social strategy requires more than just posting a caption or photo and following a few users.

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Here are some tips you can use to ensure that your company is making the most out of the social era that we live in.

1. Engagement is Everything

Engagement is everything; it was worth mentioning that twice. Engagement should be the top priority for your social strategy. Engagement is how you get your target audience talking about your brand or product, and it can only be done through taking the time to interact with your online social community.

Search the platforms daily or any mention of your brand or product and then begin interacting with any users that are talking about your company or brand. Try not to sound like a company rep, but rather like a concerned member of the community looking to help people wherever you can.

When you create enough chatter about your brand, product, or service, you will drag eyeballs to your account and open up other markets while gaining market share. Remember; engagement is everything.

2. Tap on The Power of Influencer Marketing

Search to find the top influencers in your niche. Influencers will have a significant following, and you can leverage their social prowess by arranging a deal with them to promote your brand or product. Imagine being able to reach out to thousands, or millions of qualified leads just by associating yourself with an influencer. Influencer marketing is a lifeline to hot leads and improved conversion rates.

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3. Use Online Tools as Your Leverage

There are many tools you can find on the web that can help you with your social media marketing endeavor. Here are just five of many amazing tools for social media marketing:


Schedule all your content across your social platforms with this powerful, free, tool. HootSuite has a great free version that allows you to connect up to three of your social accounts and then schedule content to be released at a specific time and date of your choice. This tool allows you to prepare your base content far in advance and take the hassle of posting every day. The paid for pro version allows you to connect all of your accounts, even YouTube!


This tool is a must for finding the most viral content on social platforms. Buzzsumo is an incredibly powerful software tool that allows you search for industry influencers, identify trends, and so much more. It may have a hefty price tag, but the results you will receive will be well worth spending the money.


Have you ever wondered which hashtags give your content more engagement than the rest? Well, you can find your most viral and accepted hashtags using this free software tool.


Create incredible images with custom text, filters, captions, and fonts. Canva is a free web-based tool that allows you to create any image you could desire. Size your image to the correct dimensions for your platform and then add in a font, filters, frames, shapes and so much more. This tool is indispensable for content marketers, and did we mention its free?


Need a solution to upload Instagram posts from your desktop? Gramblr lets you do just that, solving the problem of posting to Instagram from your PC. You can upload both pictures and videos, and the new version of the software even allows you to mention users and enter hashtags in your caption.

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4. Work with Professionals to Achieve Results

Doing it yourself is excellent for those companies that want to start small and grow their strategy organically. However; if you’re going to see the best results as fast as possible, then it might be wise to delegate your social strategy to professionals.

Working with a professional team will ensure that you get the maximum reach to your social communities, without wasting any of your precious advertising and marketing budgets. Take the hassle and effort out of your online social marketing and buy social media services that give you the marketing edge you need.

Now over to you

Do you have a tested-and-true social media strategy that’s impactful in your business brand growth process? If so, please share it with us!