4 Essential Information Your Business Website Must List

For anyone who runs a business, it’s very hard to be open about what you need when you go from being offline to online. It’s tough because the parameters of what an online customer would want is night and day from an offline customer. An offline customer wants you to be able to give them directions and contact details if they are shopping offline.

An online customer, though, wants you to give them access to shopping suitability, easy ordering and everything else.

Browsing business website

However, there are some must-haves that makes a website worthwhile, which includes:

1. A quality home page

One of the best examples of a good website is one with a good, fast-loading, easy to read and aesthetically pleasing design. Your home page is going to become much more important than you may realise, and would play an absolutely key role in making sure you can make a big difference to how you operate. If you are serious about having a website that does a good job of representing you, consider your homepage a priority.

2. A detailed “About Us” page

Many companies make the mistake of having an about us page but just filling it with generic waffle. Get some company details on there that explains why your business is worth using. Avoid cliché and add a bit of personal touch.

You far more likely to find success in the long-term if you are willing to invest in your website in this manner. Yeah, it can take a lot of time to get right, but that should not be a huge issue for you in the long-term. Make it personal and personable and your website is bound to be far more useful to you.

Press and media at a tech event

3. Clearly driven press sections

Another useful feature of any good website stems from having a good press page. Sure, some people might not care but lots will so don’t let them down. Instead, invest in a press section and make sure that everyone can understand and appreciate where you are coming from when you are dealing with the press side of things; give this section extra advertising if you need to.

4. A detailed FAQ section

Lastly, your website needs to have an FAQ section that details things like return policies, delivery times and various other factors. An FAQ is great even just for answering the basic questions you are sick of answering all the time. FAQs can make a huge difference to performance and for making people understand where you are coming from primarily.


Keeping all of the above in mind, you should find it a bit easier to make a website that people want to actually read and get involved with. Yes, it can take a lot of time and yes it can be a frustrating experience but it’s very much worth your while.

It does, though, take a lot of work out of running your business if your website is good. Hard work to get right? Yes. Easy to enjoy once you do get it right? You bet!