Fire Resistant Clothing for Industrial Workers

In an industrial setting, there is a high possibility of thermal accidents and in such cases, the number of casualties is not because of the actual fire but because of the highly inflammable kind of clothes the factory workers wear inside the factory such as clothes made of cotton, nylon or polyester. Therefore, investing in fire resistant (FR) clothing is very important so that the lives of the workers can be protected because fire resistant clothing self-extinguishes when the wearer is exposed to the flame and goes a long way in reducing the burn or other fire related injuries.

Firewoman using FR clothing

Uses of FR clothing

FR clothing is not for firefighters only; workers in hazardous work environment that involve heat and fire should be well-equipped with clothing made of FR fabric and materials.

Unfortunately, quality and safety features come at a price. Considering the fact that FR clothing is made from high quality fabric and durability in mind, the cost can be expensive upfront. But this should not deter you from investing in FR clothing because in the long run, it will definitely prove to be a cost effective investment.

Firstly, it protects the well-being of your workers; secondly, it will reduce frequent replacements of the workers’ uniforms; and thirdly, it will cut the expenses involved in compensating the workers for medical purposes if any accidents occur.

Let’s just say that investing in FR clothing is profitable in the long run.

Different countries – Different Standards


According to the State and Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of USA has very stringent rules regarding the fire resistant clothing provided to the workers. It also believes that it is responsibility of the company to protect the rights of the workers and keep them safe from any hazard. Most likely, its rules will becomes more strict in the near future and will make the provision of fire resistant clothing mandatory since there are several companies which still do not FR clothing to lower the expense.


There are several organisations such as Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) which are working to protect the lives of those who are prone to thermal accidents. These organisations work to ensure that the correct safety standards are implemented in the work place.


Well-equipping your workers with fire resistant clothing is a must if they’re working in a hazardous environment. While it’s a worthwhile investment, there are certain things you need to take care of – other than focusing on the safety features offered by FR clothing, you also focus on complying with the standards in your country.

There are FR clothing ecommerce store available but it is your jurisdiction regarding which fire resistant ecommerce store you will choose because ultimately, it is the safety of your workers which matters the most. So if you are head of an organisation which deals in thermal activities then you should ensure that you approach only the best FR clothing ecommerce store.