The Importance of Information Security for The Healthcare Sector

With the advancement in information technology, the healthcare sector has undergone drastic changes. Most of the information in the hospitals and other healthcare providers are stored in the computers thus making it easier for the administration to keep track of the patients and other legal formalities.

Unfortunately, while it has made the entire administrational process easier and transparent, it has exposed the healthcare system to rampant information thievery and other cyber crimes.


What makes the healthcare information alluring to the hackers?

If the security is getting better, then the hackers are not far behind with their better software. The healthcare data is alluring because of the high returns the hackers will receive.

They can use the crucial data such as the patients’ records to make money by selling to other criminals or to foreign agencies or on the black market. Since the hackers have become smarter and more complex, you need the best in the field of information security to keep your sensitive information safe.

How do Hackers target the healthcare data?

Hackers have been around for decades, but in the past few years, there’s a rising trend of ransomware.  So, what is it, actually?

Ransomware was a kind of software used by the hackers to extract money from the hospitals after hijacking their systems and keeping it till they cough up the ransom money. In 2016, it had caused severe losses to various hospitals in United States of America.

But why is the healthcare industry vulnerable? Well, one of the reasons is this: At times, the hospitals or other healthcare providers operate by having contracts with third parties. The problem is, the communication channels with the third parties aren’t well-secured. This significantly increases the risk of attack on the data because it is mandatory to share some information with these third parties and this gives a leeway to the hackers.

What are the qualities of an excellent security information service provider?

Cost reduction is something healthcare provider often indulges in but is it really worth exposing your sensitive data to the prying eyes?

An excellent security service provider will closely monitor the data stored in the server, on the cloud, and transferred between the departments. It will assess the methodology used to capture, store and use the data and after the complete assessment it will create the action plan and put in place. The software should be capable enough to spot any loophole before a hacker takes advantage of it. Only the best in the field will provide round the clock protection because they understand that IT security is critical in healthcare field and protect it no matter what.