How to Get Approved for a Loan: 5 Tips

Need a loan but have bad credit or no credit history at all? Your hope shouldn’t be lost. There are always multiple ways on how to get approved for a loan even if your request has been rejected before.

Very often a low score or a bad credit history is what stops people from applying for a loan. But this is not a way out if that loan can help you to pay for your education or to buy a new house faster. The best route for you is by learning the ins and outs of applying for a loan before you plunge yourself

Apply for a loan

Resources like can help you in getting the most of your effort in securing a loan.  While you’re doing so, you may want to check out our own mini guide; we’ve prepared a few tips and tricks you can try to increase your chances to get a positive answer from a bank.

How to Get a Loan Like a Pro

Is there a chance for you to get your request approved if you have never owned a credit card and have a low credit score? What are those companies, which are ready to work with such customers? And what can you do to improve the situation? The answer to those questions is very much depending on your experience.

Getting a loan is an issue if you have never applied for any with a financial institution, such as bank.  However, don’t lose hope! There are certain things you can follow to increase your chances to get a loan drastically.

  1. You can apply for a secured loan firstly. This means putting down a deposit. You can pick a card to open up an account for several hundred dollars only;
  2. Limit your applications. Don’t send multiple loan applications to all possible banks. This lowers your chances to get a positive answer. Instead, find only those companies, which are more likely to give you a loan than others, and send your application to them only;
  3. Improve your credit score. Try to do something with your current score. Of course, it is difficult to do if you need a loan as soon as possible, so start working on this issue in advance, fast;
  4. Stable job. Credit companies always check whether you have a stable income or not. They want your job to be held for at least 1 year in the same industry or at the same place. So, don’t change your place of work before applying for a loan. Don’t quit one job and start another one 6-12 month before applying to a bank;
  5. Stable income. A financial company always checks how much income and debt you have in your life, concluding everything to the DTI – debt to income ratio. So, it is important not only to have a stable job, but a job, which helps you to make enough money to cover that debt and other expenses.

Bad credit loan


Following these few small, but effective tips will help you to avoid a situation when your loan application is rejected over and over again. Sit down, analyze your credit, income, and other factors to come to a sum, which you can indicate your ability to take a loan.