Dedicated Development Teams: What To Look For in a Potential Team Member

You might have an innovative business idea, but it won’t be worth anything if no one is there to help make it happen. Now, companies are starting to understand that the lack of talent reduces their future growth.

The tech industry has been skeptical about outsourcing. But now there’s a difference: when outsourcing was used to reduce expenses, now firms can enjoy multiple advantages of this team creating method. Here are the top three advantages you’ll experience once you create a good development team.

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Hard Skills

Having access to your global talent pool can expand your technical capabilities and the need to re-train or re-hire your entire staff. Modern tools will allow in-house developers to work with outsourced workers and complete, test, and deploy your project within a reasonable timeframe.

Also, dedicated software development team can create applications while training your local employees. This business model is used for larger projects to help on-site specialists gain a needed skill set and gain lacking knowledge.


Agility is the main advantage that dedicated development teams can give to mid-sized companies, startups, and enterprises. In most situations, the larger the team, the harder it is to remain nimble.

Your team should be an extension of your in-house team that’s fully engaged in your project. Outside specialists will help you deliver the project within your budget and on time, especially when it comes to changing priorities and requirements.

This process model is often used for recurring or seasonal tasks when the company needs additional resources. In this instance, we’re talking about startups, tech migrations, new updates with short deadlines, etc.

Collaborative Engagement

Your remote staff is interested in providing value to the project, and the best solutions are made when you’re there is close interaction between the team and the client. Creating a outsource model helps you have complete control over your project through daily/weekly management and communication with tools like Skype, JIRA, Basecamp, AceProject, GoToMeeting and additional tools.

We suggest that you conduct regular brainstorm sessions. This allows you to enhance employee workflow, stay productive, and gain realistic results. Committing to the project’s completion and success is a good model to guarantee efficiency reliability for the long term.

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Why Hire Dedicated Development Teams?

  1. Cost-effectiveness, regarding overhead expenses and infrastructure. This is cheaper than increasing your onsite staff.
  2. Shortage of tech skill or IT talent in your area.
  3. Faster starting cycle which is quicker than using an in-house team.
  4. Reduced effort to help set up a team.
  5. Minimized risk with trusted operation processes and high-quality project management
  6. Seasonal or cyclical workload with guaranteed deadlines.
  7. Ability to focus on main services and strategies and giving the development work to an external agency.

What’s Next?

For your project, you need to ensure that your development team is on board each step of the way. This means that you have to manage how they interact with each other throughout the duration of the project. Once you’re able to control your team, you’ll be rewarded with faster project turnarounds and better project results.