Recruitment Solutions: Are There Fees Involved with Beacon’s Process?

If you’re looking for finance jobs in Chicago, you are likely considering the best accounting recruiters such as Beacon Resources. Of course, if you have no experience with staffing firms or little experience, you might be full of questions. For example, do you have to pay fees to Beacon?

Executive recruiter helping client

No fees for job candidates

As a job candidate, you don’t pay fees. Your responsibilities are to carefully consider the advice from your executive recruiter and to convey your skills and goals clearly to the recruiter. The last thing you should have to worry and stress about in a job search is forking over money to recruiters.

So how do recruiters get paid? How does Beacon make money?

Employers pay

The answer is that the companies looking for employees are the ones who pay Beacon Resources. The posting, resume reviewing and interviewing process requires hiring managers and human resources departments to expand a great deal of time, energy and effort. By paying Beacon Resources, they save money, time and stress. They are also able to streamline the hiring process in general, and with Beacon, they are secure in the knowledge that candidates have been vetted.

Employers do expect a lot from what they pay Beacon Resources—deservedly so. Candidates are thoroughly vetted, with recruiter-candidate discussions on their goals and preferences. The aim is to give an employer the ideal employee for a job opening as swiftly and as effectively as possible.

Resume consultation

What you receive

You pay Beacon Resources nothing and still receive a host of benefits such as resume advice and job interview suggestions. In fact, many candidates who found a job through Beacon Resources return to the staffing agency if they decide they are ready for a job change. It’s like a long-term partnership for both sides.

Interested in seeing what opportunities could be available to you through Beacon Resources? Get in touch with an executive recruiter today.