Q&A with Troy Caruso, CEO of Radium2 Capital, on Startup Financing

Q&A with Troy Caruso, CEO of Radium2 Capital, on Startup Financing

We had a great opportunity to converse with Troy Caruso , the CEO of Radium2 Capital, on how a financing firm can help turning an idea into reality. Read on for our Q&A with Caruso on startup financing.

With years of experience in the construction and finance industries, Troy Caruso is a man who knows how to get work done. Currently, as the CEO of Radium2 Capital, he leads his team in their endeavors providing small companies with start-up capital and guidance within their chosen industry. Radium2 Capital serves numerous industries with their straightforward funding approach combining relationships, funding, communication, and technology.

Troy Caruso, CEO Radium2 Capital

The funding process at Radium2 Capital is as simple as it gets: apply, provide business information, get your quote, and access your funds in a matter of days. Radium2 Capital is known for its successful client relationships, as well as their connections within the community as Caruso was named the 2017 ‘Man of the Year’ by Cooley’s Anemia Foundation.

Here is the recap of our interview with Caruso.

Ivan Widjaya (Q): First thing: give us a bit of an overview as to what Radium2 Capital does

Troy Caruso (A): On a simplistic level, we help companies get started in their chosen industry. Many ideas never get off the ground because of limited access to start-up capital. At Radium2 Capital, we want to change that and help as many unique visions become reality as possible. Through a simple application process, applicants can get the money they need in the time they need it in, and we help customize repayment plans that best suit the client and their business plan. Clients just need to apply, provide us with pertinent business plan information, get their quick quote, and then they have access to their funds in a matter of days. The client will be assisted by a representative throughout the entire process, from start to finish. Funding is not just about money to us; it’s about forming connections and relationships and being a part of people’s success stories.

Q: What initially drew you to this industry?

I’ve always been interested in the inner workings of the financial industry. I think it’s a fascinating world full of interesting stories of failures and successes. I wanted to get involved in the industry to help businesses come to fruition. Many businesses cannot go it alone; they need help, especially initially. Helping a business get off the ground and watch them succeed, through the services my company provides, is quite the feeling, let me tell you.

Q: What approach do you take towards leadership roles?

A: Well, the obvious answer to that is through leading by example. I try to exhibit all the qualities I want to see in my team members in myself and the way I lead. Being involved in the community and doing charitable work is important, especially for those in leadership roles. We have a responsibility to project positive change into the world in the hopes that others will follow suit, and I can definitely say that is true of my team here at Radium2 Capital. I also like to customize each and every client relationship because each and every client has different needs, and this is a strategy I pass on to my team each and every day.

Q: What’s one thing you wish you had known when you first started your career?

A: I can honestly say there is not a single thing I feel would have made my journey better had I known it earlier. Everything I have learned has come to me precisely when I needed it to. Even my mistakes have brought me here, so I wouldn’t undo a single one. Throughout my entire career path, I have always been confident in my abilities and confident in my place within the financial industry and that confidence enabled me to become a successful entrepreneur and leader.

Restaurant startup financing

Q: What’s next for Radium2 Capital?

A: We are always watching the industry and evolving alongside it. We definitely will continue doing what we are doing and how we are doing it for as long as it works. We serve such a wide range of industries: restaurant, health care, construction, health and wellness, automobile, beauty. For the future, I would still like to see diversification and get our hands in new and exciting industries and business ventures like never before. I would like to see our numbers climax in terms of successful businesses that can trace their triumph back to us; that is what is next for Radium2 Capital.

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