General Overview of CompTIA Certification Courses

CompTIA, Computer Technology Industry Association, is an organization that helps in the promotion of standards and competences in the IT field. CompTIA brings professional experience for the people related to the IT sphere to gain recognition around the world with the help of entry-level certificate courses. These courses include such certifications as Security+, A+, Network+, and many more, that help the seekers in getting professionalism in a particular field of IT.

Taking CompTIA certification courses

The certifications provided by CompTIA are much helpful in getting a great and fulfilling career in IT. These credentials give the professionals the opportunities, such as research, partnership, networking, etc. on the global basis, which is the main point that attracts the IT professionals the most.

Some other reasons for taking one of the CompTIA courses include:

  • The certification develops one’s technical skills that are important for motivating and dedicating on aspects like coding, cybersecurity, hardware concepts, and others.
  • The credential gives one an opportunity to show one’s creative side for giving innovative answers to the complicated questions.
  • The certificate not only develops you, but also allows you to solve major problems of people’s lives to make it simple.

Reasons to Get CompTIA Certification

The CompTIA certifications are not just simple degrees to your biodata. They come with a broader meaning than that. They provide you with a strong and professional validation of your knowledge and skills that are rarely found among the trusted managers. Here are some of the main reasons why the IT professionals go for the CompTIA credentials:

  1. The certifications provide complete access to the knowledge and skills required for any candidates.
  2. The courses are cost-effective and also save a good time period for evaluation of the candidates.
  3. The certificates come with knowledge that will surely provide you with a profit.
  4. The credentials completely support the development of the professionals seeking a course.
  5. The courses ensure full compliance with the requirements of the course and training.

CompTIA specialist coding

How to Become a CompTIA Certified Specialist?

Here are some steps that would help you in becoming a CompTIA certified specialist:

1. Select the certification course you want to go with

CompTIA comes with a range of certifications to select from. Hence, the prime step towards the certificate is to select the course you want to go with. The selection should be based on the career goals you are having. You can also select a course based on the career paths and the pay scale that this credential would provide you with.

2. Begin both training and learning

Each certification course comes with proper professional training and learning that would help you in clearing the examination with ease. The course comes with every material for learning that includes books, PDF files, video lectures, test papers, and much more that will help you in preparing for the certification test.

3. Prepare for the examination

Select any of the courses and you would be served well with complete details from the basic to the advanced level. This means the certification would help you with a complete preparation and required training for the exam day.

4. Register and complete your examination

Yes, before sitting for the exam, the students need to register themselves for the course. Prior to this, you need to learn all the required skills, get complete knowledge, and study the exam objectives as you prepare for the certification test.

Tips for Passing the CompTIA Certification Exams

Here are some key tips that will help in passing the exam with ease:

  • Go through the exam objectives and questions before scheduling the examination.
  • Mark the questions you are having trouble with and move to the next one during the examination.
  • Go through the phrase and keyword in the question before answering.
  • Read the headwords in the questions as they make the question tricky.
  • Know the vocabulary that is used in the questions.

Learning businessman

Top Resources for CompTIA Certifications

1. CertBlaster

CertBlaster comes with a number of practice test papers that are designed by the professionals in the field. No doubt you need to pay for the papers; the cost is still worth for clearing the examination.

2. PC Technician

PC Technician is a totally free resource which comes with topics like IT Customer service, PC architecture, Computer networks, PC maintenance, and much more.

3. ExamCompass

This is another free resource which helps with a practice note with nearly 20 different practice sets. The course contains topics like RAM, Display Devices, Printers, CPU, Connectors, and Cabling, Network Port Numbers.

4. CrucialExams

This resource helps with free practice exams with complete access to simulations, flash cards, exercises, etc. The platform also provides you with reviews and marks based on the performance with detailed explanations.

5. CompTIA

CompTIA provides with paid test paper sets without any kind of quizzes or flashcards that helps in your exam preparation. The papers are also downloadable for practice with some little additional charges.

Best Websites for CompTIA Certification Exams


The website offers you a full coverage of the CompTIA courses, which is rich in a wealth of knowledge. The site provides you with improved and updated data and paper sets every year, which serve as a complete guide to the courses.


This site ranks among the top ones in preparing for professional exams in the IT field. It comes with a number of pros that makes it an affordable place to get your CompTIA certification. This website also provides complete online training.


This web resource is the leading site for preparing for the CompTIA certifications. With a step-by-step preparation, you will pass the certification examination with flying colors.

CompTIA certifications are well-known and popular IT courses. No doubt, they demand hard work and firm determination, they come with detailed explanations and experience for learning concepts from the basics.