How Bermuda Became the Reinsurance Capital

Reinsurance business is very common these days. It’s all about insuring the insurance company and providing it with complete coverage. Bermuda started to develop Reinsurance Company back in 1990.

This company was established in order to fill the gap that existed at that time in the reinsurance market of Bermuda.

Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda
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With success in the reinsurance business, many companies were launched, and a cut-throat competition could be seen. This competition made the companies bring more innovation and sophisticated techniques to run the reinsurance business in Bermuda.

Reinsurers are very important for insurers as they are very helpful for those companies that want to earn high amount of premium. In recent few years, the business of reinsurance has got too much popularity, particularly in Bermuda. Due to this, we can see thousands of industries entering the reinsurance industry.

Capsicum Reintroduction:

There are a number of reinsurance brokers working in Bermuda right now which is why Bermuda reinsurance is known worldwide. Capsicum Re is one of those brokers that provide their services internationally.

Graham Chilton and Rupert Swallow are the founders of Capsicum Re broker. They founded this company with the intention to meet all the needs and demands of the people in Bermuda. Capsicum Re is being run through its number of offices in London and Bermuda.

How does it work?

The dynamic and innovative environment provided by Capsicum Re has attracted many skilled reinsurance brokers towards it. These brokers are working with this broker company to provide broker services.

Capsicum Re works in association with the fourth largest insurance broker company in the world. Working with Arthur J. Gallagher has made Capsicum Re the best reinsurance broker company which is ready to challenge all the reinsurance brokers across the world.

This company provides best reinsurance solutions for political issues, terrorism and a lot more. The main purpose of this company is to attract the advocates across the world that want to avail the best broker services provided by most specialized and skilled team in the industry of reinsurance.

Capsicum Re is working with complete efficiency in order to increase the specialization of the team. It focuses on all the important areas of the market so that the team of the company can become specialized in all the areas of reinsurance.


Operations performed by Capsicum Re:

The key operations performed by Capsicum Re are:

  1. Reinsurance of property that enables the property get insurance of its insurance
  2. Provision of solutions for retrocession industry
  3. Provision of facilities related to reinsurance.

The reinsurance industry in Bermuda grew rapidly because of its environment that provided many favorable circumstances to this industry to flourish.

It is the success of reinsurance industry in Bermuda that can be seen in the form of more than 12000 brokers and bermuda reinsurance companies working there. Due to mass production of reinsurance premium in the island of Bermuda, it has become the reinsurance capital.