How Much Does it Actually Cost to Open a Restaurant in the U.S.?

Entrepreneurs today, and especially young ones, are in an unremitting search for the perfect space and opportunity to make their dreams come true and open restaurants for the community they care about. However, the unavoidable question regarding how much does opening a restaurant cost nowadays in the U.S. is soon to appear in their minds.

Well, first of all, there is not a safe answer to this question. The costs you can have when opening your restaurant may vary depending on the budget, materials, and equipment you have or the concept and location you’ve chosen. It is very important to know what kind of restaurant you want to open and where you want it to happen because these details can influence your finance drastically.

Restaurant guest

That being said let’s think on some of the things that may help you formulate an opinion on the costs of opening a restaurant in the U.S.

The Setting

Like I said earlier, the location is very important because whether you choose to build your restaurant on a purchased empty land or you rent a space in the center of the city, the location affects the costs as much as the chances for success. If we look for example over the survey led in 2011 by the, we find out that the average costs for opening a restaurant if you didn’t purchase the land are between 452.000 and 225.000 dollars while the costs if you purchased the land too is between 700.866 and 375.000 dollars. This being said, if we think of how the prices exploded lately, I believe that these costs have risen too.

However, depending on the décor, lighting and other important little things, the costs may become more expensive. You need this stuff too don’t you? A restaurant is not only about food, tables, and chairs.


Since I mentioned food, it is safe to say that, in a restaurant, the kitchen is essential. While it may absorb more than 20% of the total cashing, without a kitchen, the restaurant is not a restaurant. 30% of your budget will go into purchasing equipment for the kitchen.

Kitchen staff

Let’s think for example at dishwashers. Buying the right dishwasher can really be pure madness. However, Jackson dishwashers are highly acclaimed among users and can be a great choice for you. Besides this, you will have to buy stoves, steam tables, refrigerators and more. In addition, the kitchen needs personnel. Hiring personnel will result in higher costs for you, but your restaurant can’t live without it.


Not many entrepreneurs think of advertising, but some of them kill their competition with this. Considered by many as being a lethal weapon, you may at least take it into consideration when you open your restaurant because you will need a little popularity.

In conclusion, opening a restaurant in the United States can cost you a fortune, but if you are a young or a courageous entrepreneur and you will find the right spot and the right people, you may find success in the blink of an eye.