How to Effectively Manage Your Online Reviews

With such an incredible amount of business being conducted online these days, it has become critical to business owners to maintain their good reputations. Customer reviews and testimonials are a big part of online commerce.

Over 95% of customers now conduct their first search for products and services online, and 75% of those consumers say that their decision to buy is dependent on reading good company reviews. Online review management can make the difference between making a sale or losing a customer for good.

Online reviews management

The numbers don’t lie.

Maintaining and managing your online reviews can be vital to the continued success of your company. With dedicated review and comment sites like Facebook, Yelp and Twitter, just one poorly handled negative review can break a business in no time at all.

Knowing how to react and respond to good and poor reviews is one of the important keys to keeping your online reputation intact. If you are new to the online commerce world, it is good to know a few of the basics of how to keep your customers happy and good reviews flowing in.

Respond Quickly and Politely

There is no doubt that eventually every business owner will come across a review or testimonial that is less than stellar. It is important to remember first that your customer is always right. No matter how upsetting or harsh a review may be, never engage in an argument with your customer as this can just exacerbate the issue.  Respond politely and thank them for their helpful feedback, promising to immediately address the issue as well as offering a rebate, refund or coupon for future services.

Keep Your Reviews Up to Date

With so many potential customers looking at your reviews to get an idea of the reliability and credibility of your business, keeping your reviews up to date is very important. Customers want to read reviews that are current and relevant. If you have a site that enjoys a lot of traffic, it should not be hard to rotate your review content on a regular basis.

Online reviews

Call a Professional

Online professional marketing agencies can be a great help for new business owners. Not everyone just starting out can be expected to know all the ins and outs of keeping their online presence at its peak. A marketing professional can help you set up a proper review management program, as well as give you valuable information on how to bring in more testimonials and how to use your review information to enhance your product or service to your advantage.

Use Online Tools

There are tools that work specifically for the business owner available everywhere online. Look for something that deals with review management and you are sure to find something that will match the scope of your business. Creative management tools can teach you a ton about the nature of a proper review response, as well as keep you organized and on an efficient schedule.