Why Your Online Reputation Could Cost You Clients

You have a business, and you have worked very hard to market that business online. You have created a website, a blog, and you have marketed yourself on social media, in directories, and through email. But for some reason, you aren’t seeing much more business coming in. In fact, you’ve noticed that there seems to be a decline in your business.

Small business owner monitoring his online reputation
photo credit: Tima Miroshnichenkod / Pexels

Why? What gives?

Do a little bit of research, and you may find some negative comments posted online about you and/or your business. Perhaps there was a client who was unhappy with a product you sold or a service you offered; maybe someone didn’t have the success you claimed they could have using the tactics you suggested. Whatever the reason, a negative strike against your reputation can hurt your business more than you know.

Why does your online reputation matter so much? Because the majority of people rely on online media when considering what products and services to purchase. According to a study, 87 percent of the consumers are using digital channels to find out information about products and services they are interested in using.

With such statistics, it stands to reason that a negative online reputation can have a negative effect on your business’s success. Just think about this: If you were a consumer who was looking for a specific product and you read poor reviews of a business that sold said product, chances are you would immediately move to the next store and ultimately purchase a product from a store that had a glowing review. Consumers are doing the same thing with your business. All it takes is one negative comment on your website, your blog, or social media profile to drive way business and impact your success.

If your online reputation is marred, don’t get down in the dumps and think that your career is over. There are ways you can fix a negative reputation and restore the status of your business.

Thumbs up for your website quality and reputation

Address the Problem

If you see that a negative comment has been left on your social media profile, address it; don’t ignore it. The worst thing you could ever do is ignore a negative comment; doing so can actually further hurt your business. Acknowledge the comment and let the consumer know you are working to find a solution.

Fix the Problem

Never let an unsatisfied customer go unsatisfied; do your best to fix the problem. Try to rectify any issues with a product or clarify how to use a service. Customers will appreciate your effort to correct the problem.

Build Relationships

Whenever you see a positive comment posted about your business online, take the time to say thank you. Showing that you are gracious and appreciate the positive comments will let your customers know that you really care about their input. This can help to counteract any negative comments and can enhance the positive reputation of your business.

Don’t let a negative reputation hurt your business. Take every effort to improve your online reputation and you’re sure to find success.