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Ways to Stay Committed to Your Fitness While Working 9-5

Have you been feeling stuck with your workout routine? Not that you’re becoming lazy, but your job is becoming increasingly demanding, putting too much pressure on your physical and emotional condition.

Another problem is the issue of monotony. Sometimes if you’ve been exercising in the same way for a couple of years, it’s difficult to see any improvements, and you might need to make changes to stay on top of your game.

Doing aerobic exercise

It could be that you’re not enjoying your current training and just need to do a different type of exercise. Another option is to track your goals and keep motivated as you beat them, or sometimes you just need a close friend to work out with and hold you accountable.

Here are some ways to take your workouts to the next level.

Count Your Calories

Healthy fruit salad

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More often than not the reason someone is struggling to get more out of their training is a poor diet. When you take the time to count every calorie you’re putting in your body, you can easily identify the food that is the real culprit. Once you start eating healthier meals, you may see better results in your body.

Exercise Early in the Morning

People tend to stick to their workout when they get it out of the way first thing in the morning. You’re a lot more likely to skip your training if you do it later in the day as something unexpected may happen or you could feel too drained once it’s time to exercise. Exercising is also great to boost your energy levels, so it puts you in the right mood to tackle your day.

Partner up With a Friend

Finding someone to work out with might be the best way to keep on track. It’s a lot harder to skip the gym when you know your friend is waiting for you and would get disappointed if you didn’t show up. Plus, you can always create a friendly competition, and the one who loses pays for a round of drinks on the weekend.

Track and Improve Your Goals

When you track your goals, you can see your improvements in real time. You might want to add more reps to your push-up sessions or maybe more miles to your morning run, and beat the goals at the end of the week. A great way to do that is investing in a step counter app, so you can easily measure your progress every day.


Find an Exercise You Love

Sometimes you’re just not enjoying your workout routine, which makes it difficult to make the most of it. If you’re a gym member, you should try different classes such as Zumba or CrossFit until you find something you’re passionate about.

Make a Financial Commitment

The idea of wasting money can be a powerful motivational tool. Instead of working out at home, why not sign up for a gym membership and pay three months in advance? You’ll probably think twice before skipping a workout!

Getting more serious about fitness shouldn’t be too hard. Most of the time you can achieve incredible results by making small changes in your workout routine. Now, find a friend to exercise with, change your diet, or just make sure you wake up early.

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