Perks of Payday Loan Affiliate Program Network

Modern world offers much more opportunities to earn some money than one may think. Among these is also a payday loan program which allows you as an Affiliate to earn up to $230 per lead.

We will explore more features of this online platform in the article below. However, what you may want to think already is that opportunities of the Internet and world of digital are endless, so you would better dive in them today.

Payday loan affiliate program

Understanding LeadsGate Online Platform

Lead generation is one of the foundations of the entire digital economy. Here is the best payday loan affiliate program network – leadsgate connecting willing consumers to willing payday lenders. Given that the marketplace for payday loans is dense, consumers are becoming more discerning in their choices. Affiliates are able to connect the right consumers with the lenders and to do so you only need to know how the system functions.

Basically, LeadsGate is a Pay per Lead Affiliate Network focused on US loan niche. What it means is that you can send leads directly to your specific affiliate link. You can integrate the Javascript form directly onto the website by copy-pasting. The platform also provides an API program to work with for direct traffic sending. When used properly, you may have a numerous advantages out of its implementations.

LeadsGate website

Here are some other benefits LeadsGate provide with:

  • Auction-based lead selling: the system is built in such a way which enables you to make even more money. In order to maximize lead prices the system sells them through an auction process.
  • LeadsGate Rebill: this company offers lifetime commissions for all subsequent applications of your clients. The more traffic you bring in today, the higher will be your passive income in the future. Sounds cool, does not it?
  • Payouts for declined leads: for those who have been in this business for quite some time, rejections are the worst. That is why, this system does provide you with the monetization of rejections. For those you can earn an extra 5-15% profit.

When it comes to fair pay for fair work, LeadsGate do preach this axioma. Every time someone applies for a loan, their information is sent to an auction based bidding system, which means that leads are sold to the loan provider that is willing to pay the most for that specific lead. That is how the actual bidding price for a certain customer may reach high amounts, up to $230 per each lead.

You can imagine what a sum it is from the annual perspective!


All in all, you have to take this information into consideration and act today. Digital marketing as well as payday loans have done everything for you. Put some effort and you will definitely be rewarded fairly.