I left Google Adsense, AdBrite and Bidvertiser for RevResponse

Noobpreneur.com recommends RevResponse - B2B ads programDo you have a business or tech related blog?

It’s time for you to consider RevResponse. Learning about the potential of RevResponse made me abandoned my Google Adsense, AdBrite and Bidvertiser accounts – If you visit my blog often, you might already saw the changes.

What is RevResponse?

RevResponse is an ads company that provides tools for website and blog owners to generate revenue by offering free magazine subscriptions and document downloads.

RevResponse is a subsidiary company of Netline, a notable Internet Marketing company, established in early 2008. RevResponse handles tools for website and blog owners to generate revenue from TradePub, another Netline subsidiary that offer the free magazines and downloads.

What will RevResponse benefit my blog and I?

Unlike of Google Adsense and other typical ads’ use of clickable links that will deliver you revenues in term of PPC (pay per click), RevResponse will benefit you by offering you a commission on every qualified subscription or download request – including requests from your international audience.

The good part is, RevResponse guarantees you a $1.50 minimum on every qualified subscription or request from your blog. They claim that it’s uncommon for a publisher to earn the bare minimum and you should expect to earn substantially more.

The best part is, RevResponse offers you two revenue streams – commisions from subscriptions/requests and from new publisher sign-ups through your account. Moreover, RevResponse allows you to monetize email newsletters, 3rd party lists, blogs, RSS feeds, and your websites – one account handles all.

You can actually run RevResponse alongside Google Adsense – So if you decided to run both ad programs, you have all the freedom to do so!

I recommend you RevResponse

To me, RevResponse is a company offering semi-affiliate marketing solution for its publishers – RevResponse displays ads like PPC ads (those of Google Adsense, AdBrite, and Bidvertiser), but converts like affiliate programs (you receive commission for each closed sales.) This is my main reason to left my Google Adsense, AdBrite and Bidvertiser for RevResponse.

Joining RevResponse is a unique opportunity to convert your traffic into revenue stream, for several reasons:

  1. PPC ads are famous for their poor conversion rates – Unless you have humongous amount of visitors to your site, you are less likely to make any considerable amount of money out of this type of program.
  2. RevResponse converts visitors like affiliate programs, that typically have higher rates of conversion – and usually more amount of money per conversion – than PPC ads.
  3. You are offering FREE business and tech magazine subscriptions and document downloads – Everything FREE is converting more of your visitors into subscribers, and even new ad publishers, which means more revenue for your blog.
  4. By joining, you are becoming a member of a group of publishers that utilising and offering new kind of ads and products – unique means fresh approach to your visitors. Fresh = more conversion.

I highly recommend you to sign-up with RevResponse, to start monetizing your blog better.

But before, be sure you know what you’re offering to your readers by browsing on RevResponse magazines and documents list and then decide whether they are the right products for your blog and blog readers or not.

Ivan Widjaya
Offering free stuffs

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