Top 5 Web Hosting Trends That Can Improve Your Brand in 2018

Web hosting trends keep evolving and it’s imperative to keep up if you want to beat the competition and thrive. Cloud computing is playing a major role in this current development.

The benefits of reliable web hosting services can’t be underscored, and cloud technology take hosting services’ reliability up a notch. Different companies readily invest in viable plans for optimum site performance through cloud tech adoption.

Cloud technology is not the only driving factor in the industry, though; there are other notable technologies driving the trends in the hosting industry. Check out some of the latest web hosting trends that every entrepreneur should take seriously.

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1. Eco-friendly hosting

Web servers need a lot of energy to function 24/7. It’s not surprising that tech companies of all sizes are going green in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, power consumption, and pollution. Some of the approaches they take include relying on renewable energy sources, carbon offsetting, and leveraging energy efficient technologies. Another option involves planting trees close to data centers.

2. Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a cost-effective solution for brands that can’t afford an expensive web hosting package when they need an upgrade. Websites are usually hosted on virtual servers, and resources can be obtained from the cloud. It’s far better than regular web hosting methods, as each user is required to pay only for what he/she uses.

In addition, it’s easier to auto scale whenever the demand for resources increases. This will go a long way in the reduction of the number of data centers all over the world. More so, users are bound to enjoy higher up-time and better performance.

3. Automated backups

Although a web hosting company is expected to back up your data, you still need to do take this step too. Manual backup is a time-consuming process and it’s not free from human error. The good thing is that most of the CMS platforms like WordPress come with handy plug-ins and extensions. As time goes on, website owners will encounter less difficulty in recovering lost data due to system failure and/or negligence.

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4. Enhanced security

Web hosting companies now prioritise their clients’ security and will go to extra lengths to implement security measures. Many brand-conscious companies now choose servers provided by security-minded and well-established dedicated hosts like Dedicated Servers UK because they offer improved security and reliability over shared server providers. Truth be told, a significant percentage of data breaches that were faced by top brands can be traced to outright carelessness and preventable oversights.

There are some steps you need to take after choosing a service provider. They include using unique passwords, upgrading to the latest OS version, and providing the necessary tools for your team.

5. Inclusive web hosting package

The process of developing websites isn’t as daunting as it was a few years ago. Technologies that exclusively use JavaScript are emerging. They have become an integral part of almost all website building software. There will be a higher demand for inclusive web hosting packages. Users expect web hosting companies to offer other services such as search engine optimization, email hosting, and web design.

It’s risky to hire any company without doing your due diligence. Ensure that you choose a web hosting company can meet your needs and follow the latest trends.