3 Ways to Get the Best ROI with Internet Marketing

Small businesses are especially concerned about the dollars and cents. Maximising the return from the time and/or money spent on internet marketing helps fund growth, without depleting profits in the process.

ROI on Internet Marketing requires intelligent planning, among other things.

Here are a few ways to use internet marketing to boost your web traffic and sales.

1. Broad SEO Packages Help Maximise Internet Marketing ROI

Purchasing a broad SEO package that includes a range of different products is a monthly service for businesses that don’t wish to get involved with internet marketing in-house. These packages from experienced providers like The Guerrilla Agency SEO include fresh content, an optimised website to get more sales, new social media signals, and extra inbound links leading to solid collection of better ranking positions.

A monthly report issued by the SEO service provider details what action they have taken in the previous month. Most SEO takes time to see results as Google updates the search ranking gradually – not all at once. Therefore, the reporting is useful to see what work is being carried out ahead of changes to search ranking positions.

2. Establish Relationships with Peers

Developing better relationships with peers operating in the same industry is useful because it often leads to new opportunities. Writing a guest post for an industry magazine, a periodical, or related blog are all beneficial in getting the company’s brand seen more often on related websites. You may need to outsource the writing, but it’s not terribly expensive.

A smaller company can have a larger presence online when making a concerted effort to position the brand as a prominent one. When a prospective or former customer looks at industry news or information, somewhere they should find your brand, either with a new guest post or a bit of targeted advertising via pay-per-click ads on Facebook or Google. Being visible and remaining so is key to branding, and indirectly encouraging new visitors to the site. In turn, that can lead to greater sales.

Advertising on Adwords and similar platforms can help increase awareness of your brand

3. Answering Questions Online

Another way to get your brand in front of more people is to answer their questions. By going to where they are, you can find what questions they’re asking and be the company that cares enough to spend time to reply. Questions are asked on a site like Quora where different people can leave answers. The answers voted the best rise to the top of the pile.

Leaving comments at the end of articles published on related websites is also noticeable to readers. If they found the comment genuinely useful, they’ll often click the link to visit their website and explore it. Some of these links help websites to rank better, while others drive brand awareness and additional traffic. Either way, it’s a win. Avoid outsourcing blog commenting with generic comments left by non-native speakers because it doesn’t provide value, and they’re unlikely to pass the approval process.


Doing more with less is perfectly possible with internet marketing. Decide what you’re trying to accomplish, and pick the most affordable approach to achieve your business goals.