The Essentials for a Successful Businessman

Having a business idea is only the beginning, along with it you also require planning, dedication and perseverance. Most businesses get bankrupt before they actually start generating the anticipated revenue. It’s not recommended that you run things into the ground but know that what seems like a lost battle at times can be won. Know when to give up and when to stand your ground.

Having advice from a team of well-settled businessmen such as the ones behind Oliver’s Travels can make a real difference. Oliver and Ravi are two friends who together built one of the most successful villa holiday companies in the world. With more than 30 staff employed, they recommend wonderful, one-of-a-kind places to stay across the UK, Europe and the Caribbean.

How did they do it? Teamwork, sheer will, and pure dedication.

Oliver and Ravi, Oliver's Travel founder

1. Having a Good Attitude

A good attitude isn’t just limited to smiling all the time, and delegating with extreme professionalism. You have to really know your business. That means you need to know how it is run, and whose running what. A lot of entrepreneurs just sit in their comfortable office chairs, sipping coffee, and are oblivious to what’s going on in their work space.

Don’t be that person. Know your employees, because they’re your teammates. Knowing what they’re up to, and who they are outside work can really help put things in perspective.

2. Stellar Prioritisation Skills

You can be a great businessman or you can be a quick one that miserably failed. People have often found themselves in situations in which they can’t decide what to go for next. Like when a startup evolves into a bigger space, will your setup hold out or will you have to change?

Know when to spend your revenue and where. You need everything you can think of but think about what you absolutely need right now and what can be brought later.

Prioritization skills are key to business success

3. Ability to Stay Calm and Collected

One thing you can be absolutely sure of in a business is the hustle and bustle required from you and your team every day. Things are almost always going to be insane. Huge deals, surprising events, melodramatic episodes of what goes on inside and outside the work space are all part of how business is done.

You need to stay sharp and avoid pitfalls and moments you can be taken advantage of. Make use of your team when making big decisions, and always keep your cool.

Motivated business people


Businesses are stressful and not knowing how to deal with that stress can be as fatal as having a tumor grow in your body without treating it. Traveling, having some time off to take a vacation, and hiring professionals to organize your trip; can be a good thing to help you relieve that stress. You can judge the importance of it all if you take your mental and social health into consideration.