VPN and Small Businesses: Is There a Legitimate Need?

When Virtual Private Networks started becoming popular, the majority of users were private individuals who wanted an improved (and private) browsing experience. These days, there’s a growing demand from businesses, big or small, to use private VPN networks for increased security or accessing a private network when in a remote geographic location. But before you start comparing VPN networks catering to small businesses, how do you really know if your company needs a VPN connection?

Do you need added security?

Some small business owners think they’re not vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Actually, 40% of cyber-attacks specifically target small businesses. Cyber-security standards are a huge consideration for every business owner. In addition to the basic precautions implemented by your IT team such as encryption, firewall protection, and security policies; a VPN connection can provide an added level of protection. Connecting to the internet through a private network ensures encryption, and guarantees a private connection.

Online Security VPN

Using a public internet connection

Whenever employees are traveling, it’s unavoidable to connect using a public internet connection provided by hotels and restaurants. Connecting to a public network is so convenient, and efficient, and when you use a reputable provider, privacy is really an afterthought. Anyone who’s not well-versed in IT security may not know that there are security threats when you access a public network. Especially if you’re using it to connect to company data.

Public networks are easily hacked. If this happens while you’re inside your company data, imagine how much information may be compromised as a result. What a VPN connection does is create a dedicated and encrypted tunnel to connect to the internet.

Remote access to company infrastructure.

Another challenge when traveling is the limitations of certain geographical locations where they impose content blocks and restrictions. It can be an annoyance, and inconvenient when you need to perform important tasks like checking your online bank account, or using collaboration apps. If you have a VPN connection while traveling, you can choose the specific server to use to connect to the internet. Upon connecting, the IP address detected depends on the country and server you selected. Not your actual location. You can easily access all websites and apps you need to without any restrictions.

Aside from being able to do your work while traveling, a VPN connection helps in accessing entertainment and media streaming sites like country-specific sites like Netflix, and social media platforms like Facebook which are banned in countries like China.

Is a VPN for business expensive?

The good news is VPNs aren’t that expensive for small business use. Most providers offer different plans and customize them according to the needs of your company. These deals will depend on the number of licenses you want to buy for yourself and your employees. Activation is also simple, and doesn’t require much technical savvy. When you sign up for a plan, setting up the service is as simple as turning on the network and choosing country settings, and your company is all set for enhanced internet security.

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