What is a VPN? (and How it Can Help You!)

A VPN or “Virtual Public Network” is a secure, anonymous connection that allows users to connect to a server anywhere on the World Wide Web. In simple terms, your VPN will connect a desktop, laptop, Smartphone or tablet device to the server computer hiding all your activity from snooping at the hands of online scammers, phishing, and even government and ISP censorship.

With a VPN connection, there are no geographical boundaries, and you can also access content that is not available in your country (Ie., Netflix and Hulu who love to restrict content to country-specific locations).

Advantages of using a VPN

There’s no doubt in this day and age where privacy is so hard to come by, you need a VPN to use the internet freely and securely. The way it was meant to be. If you have any questions about VPNs, you need to get in touch with the folks at FastestVPNGuide. They can offer expert advice that’s not available anywhere else.

Can a VPN help you? Let’s take a look…

Advantages of a VPN at a glance

  • Bypassing geographical locations/websites and streaming sites for audio and video files and content.
  • Access country-specific online streaming media like Netflix, AmazonPrime, and Hulu.
  • Protection against online snooping and phishing over public WiFi hotspots and other unsecured connections.
  • Anonymous usage of the internet, hiding your browsing from nefarious advertisers, government, software, and ISP censorship.
  • Safe torrent use — preventing you from being logged in as an illegal down-loader when you use VPN.

Why VPN?

The primary reason for a VPN is to keep end-user connections secure from online scammers and phishing activity while using a public network. We all have a tendency to log into an unsecured coffee shop or library WiFi connected to check messages and social profiles. These connections can be really harmful.


VPN types and what to choose

VPN is available for the office place executive and the home user alike. You can create a VPN server, or you can have one at your apartment or office. Most people use them for downloading movies and files over (illegal) torrent services. A Virtual Private Network “virtually” eliminates any worry a user might have about privacy or criminal prosecution when browsing/downloading content online.

VPNs are available for all platforms and the process is a simple download, install, and configure process. Download and install for Windows PC, Linux, Mac, Andriod, iPhone, iPad, and pretty much every other handheld/tabletop devices.

Here are the three major types of VPNs:

  • ExpressVPN : These guys offer the very best VPNs with respect to ease of use, fast servers, and support of streaming media and torrent — all at a low price!
  • Tunnelbear : Well, Tunnelbear has a limited free tier, and is widely considered average for torrents and media streaming speed. So, is Tunnelbear safe? Well, you can be sure that they’re best for using while surfing the internet on the go (Ie., public WiFi, or limited home use).
  • StrongVPN: A bit on the technical side, but if you’re a techie, StrongVPN offers you a host of services and special extras, with browsing/downloading speeds to match!

Final Takeaway

It’s very important to do your research before signing up for a VPN subscription. Take advantage of any free trials available, to explore different services and to find a fast and reliable provider. Price is a consideration for everyone. That said, the difference between a great Virtual Private Network and a terrible one comes down to reputation and perhaps a few dollars a month at most.

Don’t make hasty choices, as some of the less popular providers will often promise anonymity, then share/give up your information to advertising networks and (gasp) government institutions without a care in the world. The good providers will deliver the privacy they promise, while giving you bandwidth that’s similar to what your ISP charges you for.

Installing a VPN on your device is the only way to go these days, living in an age with the rampant snooping and government censorship all over the world.